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We distinguish ourselves with the quality of our Sex Dolls and Sex Toys, regular communication with our customers (during production choosing phase but also for the shipment), and first class shipping service: we always ship our Sex Dolls with expedited DHL, UPS, FedEx and our Sex Dolls are always shipped for FREE!

Besides, we are committed to provide numerous sex doll videos and sex toys video on each product page to give our customers with an objective sex doll or sex toy review that will help them in their decision process.


We have been successfully shipping to the following countries and continents:USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Japan . If your country is not listed please contact us for detailed shipping information:

  • All Sex Dolls and Sex Toys listed on the website are in stock in Los Angeles or Hong Kong. Please refer to the item page to see where the item ships from
  • All USA import duty orders are 100% paid by us. For other countries, we refund up to 50%.
  • Our processing time for all orders is about 1-2 business days
  • Our shipping time for all order is about 3-4 business days
  • Free Express Shipping: we only use expedited shipping (DHL Express and alike), with online tracking number and buyer signature receipt. We have never had any mis-delivered item. We offer close communication to ensure good delivery of the goods
  • For orders above $199, extra gifts such a bullet vibrators, doll heater or body warming tool will also be included, depending on stock availability and shipping destination
  • Always discreet packaging with no box content indication – only you know there is a Sex Doll inside!
  • Given the nature of the product all orders are final and non returnable


  • Sili Dolls are realistic sex dolls and sex toys handmade with high attention to details and quality, making our dolls look and feel life like
  • Our Sex Dolls are available at the very best price with high value for money satisfaction guaranteed
  • Our adult store offers a wide range of premium realistic Sex Dolls and sex toys (full body sex doll, torso sex doll, booty sex doll, leg sex doll) and associated goods (personal lubricants, cleanser, sexy lingerie and clothes for Sex Dolls)
  • Our sex dolls and sex toys are made with the best quality Korean TPE Medical SGS tested and comply with the European stringent quality and safety requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC)
  • Sili dolls (full body sex doll models and legs) are equipped with high-end in-built skeletons allowing full articulation and highly realistic positions and endurance
  • Our sex dolls (incl. legs and torso) are mostly designed after Japan standards and Japanese erotic styles and facial expressions (Hentai)
  • We do not sell inflatable sex doll or blow up sex doll as all our sex doll are fully made of TPE (and internal skeleton for some models)
  • Our sex dolls are primarily of Japan and Asian design and skin tones
  • Our full body sex doll with internal skeleton are customizable and the eyes and hair wigs can be interchanged
  • The penetration holes of our sex dolls (anal, vaginal and oral) are very tight and narrow, providing extreme pleasure during intercourse, which can be further enhanced with the use of personal lubricant
  • Full body sex dolls articulated with internal skeletons come with free extra goodies such as lingerie set and uniforms (sexy secretary, sexy teacher, sexy mature woman, sexy nurse, and more styles to meet your wildest sexual desires)
  • The Sex Doll you see is the Sex Doll you get“: all Sex Dolls pictures and videos are taken based on the actual Sex Doll or Sex Toy that is offered for sale. Besides, all displayed Sex Dolls or Sex Toys are in Stock (either in Los Angeles, or in Hong Kong) and ready to ship. No bad jokes at our adult store


  • Buy our sex dolls and get a new experience of adult movie masturbation experience
  • Our sex doll are so realistic that you will believe having a real sexual intercourse
  • Our realistic adult sex dolls will be your new girlfriend a the perfect substitute to real women
  • We offer a full range of Sex Doll – from the body party only Sex Doll to the full body articulated Sex Doll with cutomizable hair and eyes and heatable body parts – so to ensure that you particular needs and Sex Doll budget are met – any specific questions, feel free to ask us
  • Most our Sex Dolls come with extra large (and always skin soft) breasts and boobs, booty and ass, to ensure sexual satisfaction
  • Bring life to your Sex Doll with extra make-up, sexy hot lingerie and more


  • Watch our sex dolls videos on Youtube (Click Here)
  • See how life like and realistic our sex dolls are in the different sex doll video
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  • We commit to detail our Sex Dolls in the more accurate way possible by providing detailed measurements, weights, pictures and videos, so you can make the best choice and choose the Sex Doll or Sex Toy that will meet your requirements best. Now, if you need any extra details about a specific Sex Doll or Sex Toy, please do not hesitate to contact us
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  • Any questions or help needed regards products, shipping, payment and after sale, please e-mail us (belsinco@gmail.com) – We will be more than happy guiding you in your search for the perfect Sex Doll mate and are disposed to answer any technical questions you may have on your Sex Doll
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  • Cleanse you sex dolls and sex toys with room temperature water and hand soap before and after every use
  • Use condoms and lubricants whilst penetrating your sex doll and sex toy
  • Apply baby powder after cleansing directly on the sex doll and sex toy. Make sure to apply only after the sex doll is fully dry
  • Avoid exposing your sex doll and sex toy directly to the sun or heat
  • Avoid using sharp tools with your sex doll and sex toy
  • Keep out from children
  • Store in room temperature locations with normal humidity conditions
  • Our Sex Dolls and Sex Toys need extra care and attention, like real women. Take some time to apply extra make-up or spend some time on your Sex Doll`s hair design and style to make sure your Sex Doll is always at her best
  • Check out our Youtube channel`s for care and how to videos of your Sex Dolls (how to clean your sex doll, how to apply baby powder on your sex doll, how to dress your sex doll, how to change the wig on your sex doll, how to dress your sex doll, how to fix your sex doll, and more how to sex doll videos)
  • Check out our Sex Doll care kit and make sure that your Sex Dolls is always beautiful and functioning all the time


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Sex Dolls is a type of sex toy which takes the form and shape of a sexual partner and aids for sexual masturbation.

Sex Dolls comes in various forms and may be of an entire body with face or only part of the body (torso sex doll, leg sex doll, feet sex doll, head sex doll and more).

Sex Dolls have been used to stimulate sexual intercourse (oral, anal and vaginal).

Sex Dolls represent an original substitute to real life sexual relationships and can be a fantastic tool for humans who have suffered hard relationships or any form of social rejection or anxiety or have sexual communication issues and anxiety.

Through time, Sex Dolls have become increasingly realistic and life-like, from inflatable models to premium fully articulated body TPE Sex Dolls, offering realistic body forms and touch feelings.

Today, Sex Dolls a true mannequin that shows very high human resemblance and which physique can be deeply customized (eye, hair wig, penetration parts, body parts size, skin color, etc.) and articulated (blinking eyes, movable internal skeleton allowing the Sex Doll to adopt various realistic sexual positions and allowing the Sex Doll to stand realistically by itself).

The latest industry technology developments work on the artificial intelligence of Sex Dolls and the possibility for Sex Dolls to vocally and visually interact during sexual intercourse, making sexual intercourse even more realistic with these socially interacting Sex Dolls.

In the challenge to develop the personality and artificial intelligence of Sex Dolls, high end robotics industry research and development are being invested to d and true emotional awareness of the Sex Doll and allowing the Sex Doll to link emotionally with humans, end simulate in a more realistic way sexual conversations. If the challenge is met, the Sex Doll experience will reach the next level for the human. Only by then, we can talk about the a true Sex Robot. Some people think these high realistic Sex Dolls (also called Sex Bots) would be scary, but we believe these will happen and tremendously change people`s sexual life and health in a good way.

Ac cross time and with increasing realism, the price of Sex Dolls has been surging over time. Whilst air inflatable Sex Dolls (Sex Doll that have have plastic made body and genital parts) once sold for a low price range of under $100, High end latest generation realistic Sex Dolls made of premium TPE and advanced internal built skeleton and offering realistic oral, vaginal and anal sex, may have prices up to $8000, depending on of model and level of customization.

We are Sili Doll are committed to be part of the industry development of Sex Dolls, have them achieve their fullest realistic potential, for the fullest pleasure of our customers, whilst making sure our high-end realistic Sex Dolls are affordable to our customers from a commercial perspective.