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NEW Sex Doll: Introducing Sukiwaai 169 cm

New Sukiwaai

NEW Sex Doll: Introducing Sukiwaai™ 169 cm

– Click here to access Sukiwaai`s page to see all the pictures and videos –


We are pleased to officially launch Sukiwaai™, our newest doll.


Our objective with Sukiwaai™ was not only to add an even juicier doll in our line, but more importantly, a very life like, realistic Sili Doll.

Sukiwaai™ is 169 cm tall (lifelike height) and a lot of efforts was made to make her face as realistic as possible, and her skin (tits, areola, vagina, labia) look as natural and as realistic as possible.

In addition to, and within the scope of realism, we made Sukiwaai as hot and sexy as possible with huge breasts and onion booty.

You will feel like facing a real SEX BOMB when having Sukiwaai™ in front of you.

Realism was our key priority, but as with any Sili Doll, we wanted to make Sukiwaai™ fun to play with. In that respect, Sukiwaai™`s huge breasts and booty are fully filled with our superior soft Korean TPE, making them particularly juicy and bouncy. Besides, Sukiwaai™`s face (and her mouth in particular) was designed to be sexy (slightly opened) and easy to play with for oral sexual intercourse.

Please checkout the first session of pictures hereunder. The big billiard table (2.8 m x 1.4 m) was chosen so you may see how realistic Sukiwaai™ looks in real: an “almost alive” SEX BOMB standing in front of you, waiting for you to play with her. The open fishnet body stocking was chosen so you may see how sexy (and realistic) Sukiwaai`s huge breasts and booty are.

To be honest, it was not easy for our photographer to keep his hands on the camera during the photo shooting session!!

– Click here to access Sukiwaai`s page to see all the pictures and videos –


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