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Black Friday 2017 Sex Doll Crazy Deals and SALE


Black Friday 2017 Sex Doll Crazy Deals and SALE

— Update 24 November 2017 —



Order now:

— Update 21 November 2017 —

Many thanks to those of you who have sent their deposit. Please be remembered to place your order online, on or after 24 November, with the secret coupon shared to your email.

Please see updated Black Friday 2017 stock available. We will stop accepting deposits on 23 November, midnight (Los Angeles time)

Kind regards,

Mig and Sili Doll

BF Stock Update





— Original Announcement 16 November 2017 —

Dear Sili Doll lover,

2017 black friday is coming!

It happens just once a year and 2017 deals on Sili Doll sex dolls are unbelievable! Best deals guaranteed!

Only a limited number of Sili Doll sex dolls will be available for the black friday 2017 event: 

Black Friday Sex Doll Price


Click on price table to enlarge

Discover each Sili Doll sex doll:

  1. Sukiwaai: click here
  2. Suri: click here
  3. Suri Torso: click here
  4. Suki: click here
  5. Suriwaai: click here
  6. Sumi: click here
  7. Saiko: click here
  8. Sili: click here

Online prices of each Sili Doll sex doll will be changed to its Black Friday Price on 24 November 2017.

To get the PrePay Black Friday Price, please send, before 24 November, a deposit of US$50 via PayPal to our PayPal account: After receipt of your deposit, we will send you a secret coupon so that you obtain the PrePay Black Friday Price when you place your order on or after 24 November 2017. Please see illustration hereunder:

PrePay Black Friday Illustration 

  1. Before 24 November, you decide to buy a Suri 135 cm and want to get the PrePay Black Friday Price of US$1299 only;
  2. You send a deposit of US$50 via PayPal to;
  3. After receipt of your deposit, we send you the secret coupon to the email associated with your PayPal payment;
  4. On 24 November, Suri 135 cm price is changed to her Black Friday Price of US$1399;
  5. After the price is changed, you checkout your Suri 135 cm with your secret coupon (giving you an additional US$150 discount) and benefit from the exclusive PrePay Black Friday Price;
  6. By PrePay a deposit of only US$50, you obtain an extra US$100 discount – please note that the deposit is not refunded if the order is not placed.

=> It is that simple and you are sure to receive your Sili Doll for the lowest possible price – only once per year 😉

Additional Sale: Buy more than 1 doll

Obtain another 15% on the total amount you are paying. Such 15% will be refunded to you using PayPal.

Additional Sale: Returning buyer 

Bought a 100 cm plus (or Suri Torso) Sili Doll in the past? Get another 10% by checking out using the same email address used before and we will automatically refund you 10% of the amount of your new purchase using PayPal.

Shop with confidence, as always with Sili Doll

We have done heavy preparation to make Black Friday 2017 great for you.

Production and logistics have been optimized so that you will receive your order about 7 business days after your order is placed (on USA orders), or after 12 business days (on European and other orders, for more information on European orders, please click here).

Besides, dolls will be shipped using UPS Express with shipping insurance and duties prepaid and customs cleared. All this is included in the prices.

Happy Holiday season!

For any questions, please email us @ or use our live chat hereunder or leave us your phone number and we will call you back shortly.

Kind regards,

Mig and Sili Doll