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Import Duty on Sex Dolls

Import Duty on Sex Dolls

Questions: how do Import Duty works for Sex Dolls? Who bears them? How do we pay?


  • For the USA: all orders are duty (or “Charge”) paid and the Charge is entirely at our charge
  • For other countries, import Charges is at charge of the buyer – for more case by case details on import duty, please Live Chat with us or email us Click here
  • For certain other countries (such as the UK, Canada, Australia), we usually are ok to bear 50% of the Charge, but such Charge has to be advanced by the buyer )read hereunder please)

Important note: should there be import Charges applicable, DHL will contact the buyer once the sex doll has reached the destination country`s customs for settlement of the Charge and local final delivery of the sex doll to the buyer. The buyer has to advance or pay such Charge. We will not be responsible if the buyer does not receive the doll because the buyer failed to advance or pay such Charge. And we will not accept any return of the Sex Doll from the destination country to Hong Kong or China because the buyer failed to advance or pay the Charge. In case you have to pay or advance an import Charge, please keep a receipt for records and further communication and refund if applicable.

For other countries, you may visit the following website to have an indicative idea of the duty rate applicable to your country, for the import of Sex Dolls: