Adult Shop Terms

Adult Shop Terms: please read the terms and conditions governing the sale of sex dolls and sex toys from us (“Adult Shop” or “Belsinco“) to you

Section 1 –Definitions

Definitions” refer to the following capitalized terms and any other capitalized terms in this Agreement, in their singular or plural form:

  1. Agreement (the “Agreement“) means this service agreement including its Definitions (Section 1) and its Terms of Use (Section 2), between Adult Shop and the User, and governed under the laws of the United States of America (“US“).
  2. Belsinco LLC (“Belsinco“) means the limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Delaware, USA
  3. Business Day (“Business Day”) means Monday to Friday and excludes Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays in the US.
  4. Website (“Website“) means the commercial internet website, or the Adult Shop, property of Belsinco, including all its digital and intellectual contents registered at the following internet address: http://www.silidoll.com.
  5. Service (“Service“) means the promotion, sale and delivery of the Products by the Adult Shop to the Users by mean of the Website.
  6. Product (the “Product“) means any physical product being displayed on the Website by mean of digital pictures.
  7. Logo (the “Logo“) means the geometric form as displayed on the top left corner of each webpage of the Website, an intellectual property of Belsinco and registered with the USPTO.
  8. User (the “User“) means any individual accessing the Website.
  9. Buyer (the “Buyer“) means an User ordering the Adult Shop to deliver the Service for requested goods in respective quantities, against the payment by the Buyer to Adult Shop for such Service (such act from the Buyer being defined under this Agreement as an “Order”).The Buyer shall be legally able to submit an Order, in compliance with the legislation of the US.
  10. Third Party (the “Third Party“) means any party being either a physical or moral person, not being Adult Shop or the User, unrelated to Adult Shop, which performance is independent of Adult Shop’s will and control.
  11. User Information (the “User Information“) means any text information submitted by the User to the Adult Shop, by mean of the Website.
  12. Trademark (the “Trademark“) means “Sili Doll”, an intellectual property of Belsinco and registered with the USPTO.
  13. Slogan (the “Slogan“) means the commercial phrase “” an intellectual property of Belsinco.
  14. Order reference number (“Order Reference Number”): means the number generated by the Website and associated to an Order placed by the Buyer on the Website.
  15. Collection notification (“Collection Notification”): means an email with hyperlink generated by the Shipping Agent to the Buyer informing the Buyer that the goods are available for Collection. The Collection Notification shall only apply in case of Post Office Pickup or in case Buyer is not present at the indicated address when the Shipping Agent passed for delivery of the goods, in case of Home/ Office Delivery.
  16. Collection code (“Collection Code”): means a secret code requested by the Shipping Agent and to be provided by the Buyer upon reception of a Collection Notification.
  17. Delivery notification (the “Delivery Notification“) means the notification via email sent by Adult Shop to the Buyer, after the Order has been submitted by the Buyer on the Website and effectively paid by the Buyer to Adult Shop and after that Adult Shop has submitted the goods related the Order to the Shipping Agent for shipment to the Buyer. The Delivery Notification shall contain the Order Reference Number and the item shipping tracking number issued by the Shipping Agent, if available, and such other information related to the shipping of goods as provided by the Shipping Agent to Belsinco.
  18. Shipping agent (a “Shipping Agent“) means a courier or postal service company, Third Party, which shall deliver the Order and its underlying goods, to the contact and delivery place provided by the User to Belsinco via the Website.
  19. Payment solution provider (a “Payment Solution Provider”) means a company providing payment services, Third Party, which shall process the payment instructions initiated by the Buyer via the website to pay purchased goods. The Payment Solution Provider by default is Paypal.
  20. Delivered Order (a “Delivered Order“) means an Order which has been delivered by the Shipping Agent to the Buyer, with the Shipping Agent informing Belsinco and the Buyer (“Delivery Proof“), when available.
  21. Delivery date (“Delivery Date”): means the Business Date on which the Shipping Agent presented the goods at the designated delivery address.

Section 2 – Terms of Use

Now and therefore, the User agrees on the following terms of use (“Terms of Use”) and all the contents displayed in the Website:

  1. By accessing the Website, the User agrees to the Definitions and Terms of Use presented under the Agreement.
  2. The User uses the Services at his own risk, our Adult Shop does not warrant that the Services will meet the User’s requirements and Belsinco does neither warrant that the Services will be free of errors or uninterrupted, against the will of Belsinco. Belsinco is not liable in case such errors or interruption damages the User in any way.
  3. Any Order placed by the Buyer is definitive and irrevocable by the Buyer.
  4. Any Order from the Buyer is subject to acceptance by the Adult Shop and the Adult Shop reserves the sole right to reject such Order for any reasons. Order acceptance by Belsinco is subject to Minimum Order condition met, location of the Buyer, stock availability, receipt of payment, Shipping Agent availability and acceptance, amongst other parameters determined at the sole discretion of Belsinco. The acceptance of an Order by Belsinco shall take place at the moment the Buyer receives from Belsinco via email the Delivery Notification and the Order will be known, from that moment, as accepted (“Accepted Order“). In case of non-acceptance of an Order by Belsinco, Belsinco shall notify via email(or other communication mean chosen by Belsinco) the buyer of the Order non-acceptance and Belsinco shall refund the Buyer for the purchase of the Order.
  5. For any order placed, the cost associated with the shipping of the goods to the Buyer designated location are at charge of Belsinco, unless stipulated otherwise.
  6. The obligations of Belsinco in relation to an Accepted Order are fulfilled at the moment the Buyer receives the Delivery Notification email sent by Belsinco. Belsinco shall not be liable for any damages caused to the Buyer for any misperformance by the Shipping Agent, Payment Solution Provider or any Third Parties in relation to an Order or in general.
  7. The Buyer shall keep the Collection Code confidential and should not disclose such code to a Third Party before picking up the goods at the designated post office. Belsinco shall not be liable for any damages or expenses caused as a result of the loss or disclosure of the Collection Code to any Third Party by the Buyer.
  8. In case the Buyer has received a Collection Notification from the Shipping Agent,the Buyer shall follow the instructions and obligations dictated under the Collection Notification (“Collection Obligations”). Belsinco is not liable for any expenses whatsoever and requested from any Third Party related to the mis performance of the Buyer of its Collection Obligations.
  9. The Buyer shall fulfill any obligations (including but not limited to the payment of import duties and the clearance of import customs) or requirements imposed by the Buyer`s country customs required to receive the Product. Belsinco is not liable for any expenses whatsoever in case the Buyer does not receive the Product because the Buyer has failed to meet such obligation.
  10. User Information required for the placement of an Order (such as Buyer`s name, email address and address or preferred pick up post office) provided by the Buyer via the Website shall be verified correct by the Buyer. Belsinco shall not be responsible if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer because of incorrect information provided in the Order.
  11. A Delivered Order is final, not returnable by the Buyer to the Adult Shop, unless clause L of section 2 applies.
  12. Any goods related to a Delivered Order benefit from a money back guarantee (“Guarantee”)from Belsinco for a period of 14 calendar days (“Guarantee Period”). The Guarantee Period starts counting on the Delivery Date. Should the Guarantee become applicable, the Buyer has the right to ask the Adult Shop via email (or other communication mean deemed fit by the Buyer) for a replacement or a refund. Any costs associated with a replacement or a refund shall be at the Buyer’s charge and the modalities of such replacement or refund shall be arranged amicably between Belsinco and the Buyer after communication with each other via any mean of communication. To be eligible for refund, the goods must be in their original conditions and unsealed packaging and the goods must never have been used. This Guarantee policy does not apply to sale items, for which sale is final and not returnable.
  13. The User provides Belsinco its User Information at its own risk and Belsinco shall keep the User Information exclusively confidential, unless disclosure of such User Information is required by applicable laws. Belsinco commits to take adequate information technology security measures to ensure the preservation of the User Information but Belsinco is in no case liable in case the User Information is stolen by a Third Party, misused by such Third Party, with such misuse causing any direct for indirect loss or damage to the User.
  14. The User accesses the Website at his own risk and Belsinco shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever caused to the User’s computer system when using the Website.
  15. The Adult Shop has the exclusive right to amend the Agreement at any time with amendments notified on the Website solely. Any Accepted Order shall be governed by the Agreement content as of the date the underlying Order was placed by the Buyer.
  16. Users shall not use the Trademark, Logo and Slogan for any commercial purposes(including but not limited to the reproduction, publication, distribution, re-transmission in whole or in part of the Trademark, Logo and Slogan), without the prior written acceptance of Belsinco.
  17. In case of controversy between the User and the Adult Shop related to the Agreement, the User and Belsinco shall attempt to resolve the controversy in an amicable manner and reach a solution preserving the interests of both Belsinco and the User. If the controversy remains unsolved 60 days after the date on which Belsinco and the User were both aware of such controversy, the controversy shall be resolved by way of legal arbitration, with such legal arbitration administered by a relevant arbitration center located in the US, under the laws of the US. The arbitration costs shall be at the expense of the User, unless otherwise stipulated by laws.
  18. These Terms and Conditions are in English only.
  19. Nothing contained herein should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use the Trademark and Logo without the written permission of Belsinco. Any misuse of the Trademark and Logo or any other content on this website (including but not limited to pictures), is strictly prohibited
  20. This Agreement has been last amended on 3 November 2015

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