Buy Sex Toys FAQ

Buy Sex Toys FAQ
Buy Sex Toys FAQ

Buy sex toys or a sex doll for the first time? We have got you covered and have various of your questions about “buy sex toys (dolls)” answered.

Check out our buy sex toys (dolls) FAQ categories hereunder to obtain answers to your questions.

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Pickup option for my Sex Doll

Question: I prefer to pickup the item rather than having it delivered to my address, is that possible?


  • Yes it is possible
  • After your order is placed and shipped, we will be sharing a DHL or UPS delivery tracking number. When the item is marked as ‚Äúout for delivery‚ÄĚ on DHL or UPS tracking website, simply call DHL or UPS and advise them you would like to pick up the package. DHL or UPS will then let you know the closet pick up point and when you may pick up the item
  • You may find your local DHL distribution point directly on¬†www.dhl.com

Important note: please note it is your responsibility to ensure the coordination with your local DHL to ensure the proper delivery (or pickup) of your sex doll. We will not be responsible in case of loss in that case.



Category: Discretion

Discreet delivery of Sex Doll

Question: how do you ensure a discreet delivery? I want to make sure that no one knows that I am purchasing a sex doll.


  • There are no content indications on our boxes
  • Alternatively to the standard option where the package is delivered to your delivery address, you may also pick-up the package to ensure enhanced discretion (please see question/ answer hereunder about self pick up option)

Of note, we also have solution to ensure the discretion of the payment of your transaction so that no reference to sex doll will appear on your personal financial statements. Please visit our FAQ to see our solution.

Category: Discretion

Import Duty

Guaranteed delivery with duties paid & customs cleared (EUROPE AND USA)

Dear all,

All Sili Dolls¬†‚ĄĘ sex dolls have been delivered to the United States using UPS or DHL Express , similar express shipping companies, with¬†customs cleared and duties paid, with the parcel being delivered on average in 5-7 business days after the order is placed.

Given the increasing interest in our sex dolls from customers located in the European Union (EU), please note that for EU customers, this applies as well. We use a special UPS Express service with customs clearance and duties payment taken care of, so the parcel and the love doll is delivered to its final address in about 10-12 business days.

For USA and EU countries, Duties & shipping charges & insurance are included in the prices listed online. Sili Doll prices are all-inclusive.

If the love doll or sex toy is eventually not delivered to you, we refund you. Each shipment is covered by a shipping insurance covering the shipping and customs risks in the destination country.

This service covers the following countries (and covers all full body Sili Dolls of 100 cm and above):

For other countries, please contact us so we can check for you if our shipping company offers, or alternatively, please refer to the following FAQ: Import Duty on Sex Dolls.

For more information, please visit: https://asexdoll.com/ or email us @ belsinco@gmail.com

Have a great day!

Kind regards,

Mig and Sili Doll¬†‚ĄĘ Team

Appendix: list of countries covered under our guaranteed delivery with duties paid & customs cleared scheme 

‚ÄĘ Belgium
‚ÄĘ Bulgaria
‚ÄĘ Croatia
‚ÄĘ Cyprus
‚ÄĘ Denmark
‚ÄĘ Germany
‚ÄĘ Estonia
‚ÄĘ Finland
‚ÄĘ France
‚ÄĘ Greece
‚ÄĘ Hungary
‚ÄĘ Ireland
‚ÄĘ Italy
‚ÄĘ Latvia
‚ÄĘ Lithuania
‚ÄĘ Luxembourg
‚ÄĘ Malta
‚ÄĘ The Netherlands
‚ÄĘ Austria
‚ÄĘ Poland
‚ÄĘ Portugal
‚ÄĘ Romania
‚ÄĘ Slovenia
‚ÄĘ Slovakia
‚ÄĘ Spain
‚ÄĘ Czech Republic
‚ÄĘ Sweden

Category: Import Duty

Import Duty on Sex Dolls

Questions: how do Import Duty works for Sex Dolls? Who bears them? How do we pay?


  • For the USA: all orders are duty (or “Charge”) paid and the Charge¬†is entirely at our charge
  • For other countries, import Charges¬†is at charge of the buyer ‚Äď for more¬†case by case details on import duty, please¬†Live Chat with us or email us¬†Click here
  • For certain other countries (such as the UK, Canada, Australia), we usually are ok to bear 50% of the Charge, but such Charge has to be advanced by the buyer )read hereunder please)

Important note: should there be import Charges applicable, DHL will contact the buyer once the sex doll has reached the destination country`s customs for settlement of the Charge and local final delivery of the sex doll to the buyer. The buyer has to advance or pay such Charge. We will not be responsible if the buyer does not receive the doll because the buyer failed to advance or pay such Charge. And we will not accept any return of the Sex Doll from the destination country to Hong Kong or China because the buyer failed to advance or pay the Charge. In case you have to pay or advance an import Charge, please keep a receipt for records and further communication and refund if applicable.

For other countries, you may visit the following website to have an indicative idea of the duty rate applicable to your country, for the import of Sex Dolls: www.dutycalculator.com

Category: Import Duty

Maintenance and Care

Sex Doll Premium Customization Care Guide

Hello everyone!

Today I‚Äôd like to share some thoughts and a few quick and easy tips regarding how to best care for your customized Sili Doll¬†‚ĄĘ sex doll to preserve her special look.

Getting to know your customized Sili Doll ‚ĄĘ Sex Doll

Custom Sex Doll 145 cm Suriwaai Teen Babe
Custom Sex Doll 145 cm Suriwaai Teen Babe

Each Sili Doll¬†‚ĄĘ finished in the USA uses a combination of traditional powder makeup and BodyColor by MissAtleur semi-permanent cosmetics. We use BodyColor wherever possible to provide vibrant and long-lasting color on each of our sex dolls finished in the USA. Some areas however, where blush achieves a more realistic look or blending is required, we use premium powder makeup.

Powder makeup is vulnerable to smudging, moisture, and mineral oil products, while BodyColor is removed only by abrasion. If properly cared for, powder makeup should last a long time but will eventually fade while BodyColor (again given proper care) should last almost indefinitely.

Maintenance of your Sili Doll ‚ĄĘ Sex Doll:¬†

With gentle use and handling, your Sili Doll sex doll should require only the occasional application of cornstarch with a large soft makeup brush should she ever begin to feel tacky to the touch and pick up some light lint or dust.

Areas where BodyColor has been applied can be given a shiny, ‚Äúwet‚ÄĚ look with a small amount of mineral oil. As noted above, mineral oil will remove powder makeup so I recommend using the tip of your finger as an applicator. Simply wet the tip of your finger with a teeny tiny amount of mineral oil and apply where a shine is desired. Even a bead on the finger can be too much for this purpose and cause a run, so use sparingly to avoid damaging any powder makeup in the area.

BodyColor can also be given a matte appearance by applying powder to the area. Simply brush cornstarch onto any area where a flat color is desired.

Changing the Makeup on your Sili Doll ‚ĄĘ Sex Doll:

Custom Love Doll 145 cm Suriwaai Huge Breasts
Custom Love Doll 145 cm Suriwaai Huge Breasts

While we aim to provide a long-lasting finish to your sex doll, you may desire to refresh or change her makeup eventually.

To remove powdered makeup, simply apply mineral oil to the area in which removal is desired and gently lift the powder makeup from the head with a lint-free and smooth washcloth in short strokes. Use quick, careful, and short dabs whenever possible to avoid abrading her skin. I personally like to use alcohol-free bathroom wipes for this task. After the makeup is removed to your liking, wait until the mineral oil has soaked into the TPE and apply cornstarch with a large makeup brush to rejuvenate the skin-like texture.

To remove BodyColor, gently but firmly rub the edges of the colored area inward until it begins to form a peel. At that point, the peel may be carefully pulled off in a thin film. There may be many layers of BodyColor underneath one another, so remove layer-by-layer if necessary. Then, reapply BodyColor as desired.

Here’s a great video from MissAtleur showing how this is best carried out!


Final Notes: 

Custom Sex Doll 145 cm Suriwaai Torso Breasts and Vagina
Custom Sex Doll 145 cm Suriwaai Torso Breasts and Vagina

Your Sili Doll Sex Doll is of course capable of amazing sexual feats, but please note that such activities usually involve rubbing that can, in some cases, hasten the removal of BodyColor. To keep her looking good in these critical areas, be sure to order some BodyColor of your own to touch her up from time to time, or be gentle and use plenty of water or mineral oil based lubricant to ensure that the treatment lasts as long as possible

Adventurer for Sili Doll¬†‚ĄĘ

Warm my Sex Doll Tools

How to warm up my sex doll before use?

During cold days, you sex doll may become cold and to enjoy it best, it is recommended to heat you sex doll before use, or sleep.

You may warm up your sex doll body, and also her penetration canals, assuming you are about to use her, in addition to sleeping with her.

Warming up you sex doll body: 

We recommend using a warming pad (indicative picture hereunder) to warm the full body of your sex doll.

You may find such warming pad on online stores of Amazon and Ebay quite easily.

Warm pad for sex doll

Warming up you sex doll canals

We recommend using a warming stick (indicative picture hereunder) to heat the penetration canals (oral, vaginal and anal) of your sex doll.

Such warming stick is included on all orders of full body 100 cm and above sex doll by Sili Doll: Check out Suki 110 cm

Warm stick for sex doll

Important note! 

Avoid overheating your sex doll, as this may damage her. TPE resistance to heat is good but not as good as silicone.

Accordingly, make sure to unplug your warming pad and warming stick when they turn warm, so to avoid damages.




Makeup of Sex Dolls

Can I apply makeup on my sex doll? How can I do this?


Yes, the Korean TPE material used for our sex dolls support make up

With time, the makeup of your sex doll, and face components (such as eye lashes) may wear off

We recommend that, before applying makeup, you first fully clean the face of your sex doll and its original make-up.

Step 1: cleaning the face of your sex doll

In the following video, we show to you how to do this:

Sex Doll Video – Tutorial:

And the following picture shows to your the face of your doll, once it has been cleaned:

Makeup and no makeup for sex doll

Step 2: applying new make-up on your sex doll face

It may sound difficult, but it is not. Besides, it is not something only reserved to ladies, men can also quickly learn how to make up and easily do so on their sex doll`s head.

In the following video, we show to your how this is done in six simple way. All the tools used in this Sex Doll video tutorial may be found easily online on stores such as Ebay and Amazon.

Sex Doll Video – Tutorial:

Additional Doll Video: how to fix a fallen eye lash

Oops, that may happen with time, an eye lash falls. No worries, this can be quickly fixed with some eye lashes glue and by following the guidelines included in the following doll video tutorial

We hope you enjoyed our sex doll video tutorials and various tips on how to personalize your sex doll.

Please note that this making-up process may be repeated over and over. To ensure good preservation of the facial TPE skin, please apply baby powder carefully once the head is cleaned.

We offer separate sex doll heads for sale should you want to have more heads so to vary your making up options. Simply click on the follow link to discover our doll heads catalogue: Doll Heads


Sili Doll



Order Processing of Sex Dolls

Question: I have placed my order, what happens next?


  1. Your receive a confirmation email from us (sent from belsinco@gmail.com or mig.hu.81@gmail.com) with a summary of your purchase (please double check your delivery address and phone number and let us know if any mistakes) and confirmation that your command is being processed
  2. The processing time takes on average 1-2 business days. By the end of the processing time, you receive your DHL/ UPS tracking number, which is a confirmation the package is being shipped by DHL or UPS
  3. The shipping time takes on average 4-5 business days. During that time, you may check the location and delivery status of your order on DHL.com or UPS.com using your tracking number

You may reach us at anytime during the delivery process for any questions using our Live Chat or email us Click here

Category: Order

Product and Quality

Choosing my first Sex Doll

Any choosing advice? First time buyer -which sex doll is right for me?


Please note that all Sili Doll sex dolls are made with the same premium Korean TPE. Besides, we do our very best to make all our sex doll models as affordable as possible, for different budgets. Finally, all sex dolls presented in this post may be be used for oral, vaginal and anal sex interactions.

We think the choice will mainly depend on the key feature, look and budget you have in mind for your sex doll.

Here under are the characteristics of our key selling fully body sex dolls (with internal skeleton), as far as these criteria are concerned.

We hope this advice post will help you in your choosing process. Should you need further assistance (which is often the case, especially if you are a first time buyer), please do not hesitate to chat with us (link hereunder on the right) so we can help you choosing your sex doll!

Choice #1: Suki

Our best selling sex doll is Suki (Check out Suki). She is particularly appreciated by her distinctively detailed hands and feet, which is our signature for Suki.

Suki represents a good choice for you if you are looking for a fully functional, a young looking sex doll, which can be easily stored and transported. By choosing Suki sex doll, you are opting for a slightly anime look girl, which represent a perfect hentai character with her gold and pink original hair style (please note we also offer blonde and brown hair color variations).

Budget-wise, Suki costs only $1199 (with free express shipping). But you may get an up to $ 100 discount should you help with a review of your purchase.

You may check out a professional review of Suki , which confirms the quality and fun provided by this amazing sex doll. Click here.

To visit our partner site, Click here.

Image: so detailed skin of sex doll Suki. Advice: choose Suki if you are a skin fanatic! 

Choosing a sex doll

Image: a young looking japan doll. Advice: choose Suki if you are looking for quality hentai sex doll at an affordable price

Suki Original Hair with Brown Eyes

Choice #2: Sili 

Sili (Check out Sili) is the best choice for you if you are looking for the most affordable, fully functioning TPE sex doll available on the market. $1099 only, and which includes free shipping, for this amazingly cute, 100 cm tall sex doll, is just a great deal!

From a look and features stand point, Sili is made for those who look for a younger and very innocent look sex doll, which has oversized breasts, fun and ready to play with.

Please note however that Sili`s skin is not as detailed as Suki.

Image: oversized breast sex doll with pure innocent young look. 

sex doll Image

Choice #3: Saiko 

Saiko (Check out Saiko) is a very good choice if you are looking for a realistic doll, with life-like body measurements and proportions. Saiko has this realistic japan doll look which is quite attractive to those into Japanese girls and Japanese women.

Please note however that Saiko`s skin is not as detailed as Suki, but Saiko has the advantage of having her fingers articulated.

Budget-wise, Saiko costs only $1299 (with free express shipping). But you may get an up to $ 100 discount should you help with a review of your purchase.

Image: a japan doll. Advice: choose Saiko if you are looking for a sex doll that has a japan look with realistic body proportions


sex doll Picture

Visit Store for Sex Doll Testing

Question: my I come visit your dolls at your warehouse in Los Angeles or Hong Kong? I would like to see the sex doll before purchasing it.

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer this option right now
  • Only logistics and processing functions are currently held at our warehouses and all our sales and marketing activities are conducted only through our website and social medias ‚Äď this allows us to maintain our costs low and in turn offer you with our best possible price
  • We try our best to present our product in the most objective ways using:

Please note that we are open to schedule online Skype video conference where we could show the doll live to you and answer in live any questions you may have.

Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be updated on the latest sex doll review video and tips and care video: Sili Doll Youtube Channel

We remain at your disposal should you need further pictures, or have questions on our products and services. Please use our Live Chat or email us Click here

Odor on TPE Sex Doll

Question: my doll comes with a odor, smell, is it normal?


  • Yes is normal and a characteristic of TPE
  • Such odor, smell diminishes with time and application of baby powder on the doll (please make sure you apply baby powder only when your doll is fully dried)
  • You may also consider placing your TPE sex doll in an ventilated area. This will help diminish the TPE smell¬†over time
  • Alternatively, you may also consider giving a war-water bath to your sex doll. Be careful not to use hot water given this could damage your sex doll. After bath, make sure you dry fully your sex doll before applying baby powder on it

Safety of TPE Sex Dolls

Question: what quality and what level of safety do TPE Sex Dolls provide?


  • Our sex dolls and sex toys are made with the best quality Korean Thermoplastic Elastomers “TPE” Medical SGS tested and comply with the European stringent quality and safety requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC)
  • In addition to the higher quality¬†standards provided by our Korean TPE, our Korean TPE also allows enhanced product quality and design with additional levels of realism in the design of our toys and dolls. You may refer to the Suki review by Casquetero for a buyer`s opinion on the realism of our dolls, thanks to our Korean TPE used:¬†Suki review by buyer Casquetero

For more information about the third party testing organization SGS, please visit the SGS organization`s official website: www.sgs.com

Manufacturing Location of Sex Dolls

Question: where does the manufacturing activity of Sili Doll Sex Dolls take place?


  • The key manufacturing process of our dolls takes place in China using imported Korean TPE, whilst the final assembly and processing, warehousing takes placed in Hong Kong, or Los Angeles
  • The final assembly and processing of our sex dolls include the makeup sessions, packaging, and accessories placements
  • Please take into account 1-2 business days for the final assembly, after which your ordered sex doll will ship out. You may refer to the Shipping and Order FAQ section to learn about our order paid to order delivered time, which is on average of only 5-7 business days

Please refer to FAQ section Product and Quality to learn more about our Korean TPE quality



Ship from Hong Kong or China

Question: where do your sex dolls ship from?

  • Most of our dolls and toys are stocked in Los Angeles and ship from there using UPS for USA orders
  • Our life-sized (100 cm) dolls are currently exclusively stocked in Hong Kong (or China) and ships from there using DHL Express, or similar shipper
  • Non USA orders are exclusively shipped from Hong Kong, for all orders
  • Please check each¬†product`s page, which indicates the exact location of the item
  • Note that the item location does not impact the average order to delivery time, which is of average 5-7 business days

Please refer our Shipping section of our FAQ to learn more about our policy regards shipping time, shipping destination and more.

Category: Shipping

Waittime of Sex Dolls

What is the average waittime to receive the sex doll I ordered?


  • The time between the¬†order to delivery averages 5-7 business days
  • This record timing includes 1-2 business days of processing time and 4-5 business days of shipping time (using DHL Express)
  • Note that the total order to delivery time may possibly be extended by 2-3 business days during festive and holidays seasons
  • The above indicative time applies for all our products (from large life sized dolls¬†to small toys
  • Please refer to customer review for their feedbacks on our delivery time


Category: Shipping

Shipping Destinations of Sex Doll

What are the shipping destination of your sex dolls?

  • We currently ship to the following countries: USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Denmark, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan.
  • The above countries are available in the country list at checkout, under the shipping option
  • In case your country is not listed, we need to check with our shipper (DHL Express) to confirm the item may be shipped to your country before further processing. In this case, please let us know your country using our¬†Live Chat with us or email us¬†Click here

All products are shipped for free using DHL Express, or similar fast, high service quality shipping company.



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