Adult Store Affiliate – About Sili Doll`s Affiliate Program:

Adult Store Affiliate presentation: Earn 8% on each sex doll sold on and originated from a banner or a text link inserted in your website!

Adult Store Affiliate
Adult Store Affiliate

Have access to your own dashboard (this affiliate are) and see in real time your commission on sex dolls sales (log in in your affiliate area)!

It is simple as A B C ! :

A) Sign Up an affiliate account here-under in affiliate area (simply choose a user name & key and mention your website). Check your email (spam folder too) for your confirmation email and login details

B) Log In in the affiliate area and note your affiliate embed link that you have to place on your website (post or banner)

C) Log In in the affiliate area and see your commissions earned

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The link can be embedded in a text form or in an image form. We will supply all necessary media content (pictures, video, etc.) about our sex doll so you can kick off the campaign easily and quickly. offers a wide range of quality sex dolls and sex toys for all kind of budget, for male and female, enough interesting and versatile content that can be easily integrated in your website, blog or social medias. Check out our shop to see our full catalogue of sex doll (Click here to see full shop)

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