Suriwaai™ (145 cm) Signature Series – Configuration 1

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Fully USA assembled – ships from California 

Premium skin processing by hand 

Premium makeup and cosmetic design by hand

Each new order is hand assembled. Please expect to receive your custom Suriwaai™ in about 15-19 business days.

Questions or special custom requests, please email us ( and feel free to leave your phone number and we will call you back

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Suriwaai™ (145 cm) Signature Series – Configuration 1

Custom Sex Doll


For this very special Suriwaai sex doll, my concept was the beautiful convergence of traits common only among the people of Spain, home to some of the world’s most exotic and gorgeous women. Her deep green eyes, full lips, dark features, and long jet black hair capture the best qualities of Mediterranean girls.

To achieve this signature look, I customized Suriwaai sex doll from head to toe using a combination of BodyColor by MissAtleur and high quality powder makeup.

BodyColor is used to provide an ultra-realistic coloration and texture on the face, areolae, labia, and skin features using a semi-permanent and long lasting pigment. By layering BodyColor using specific techniques to each of these areas, a true-to-life texture emerges that both looks and feels real. Her beauty marks protrude realistically from her skin, the creases in her lips respond to your touch, and her areolae have bumps and ridges that you can feel beneath your hand. The effect is phenomenally realistic and astonishingly long-lasting!

The remainder of her body is colorized using powder makeup to achieve an uneven skin tone that adds a dimension of realism to her already beautiful fantasy form. In this case, I used eight distinct powder colors to add a sense of depth and variation to her skin tone that achieves a more natural look. Special attention is given to areas of the body prone to sun exposure and subtle but eye-catching variations in skin color can be found in and around her major joints, her extremities, breasts and pubic region. Ultimately, the result is an added degree realism that makes this beautiful doll a unique artistic creation. She’s the perfect lover, companion, and model – right out of the box!”

NEW!! CUSTOM Suriwaai ™ 145 cm – First Sili Doll ® Fully Assembled and customized in the USA – superior softness (Premium Korean TPE) and realism taken to the next level for a super realistic sex doll!

USA Assembly: unparalleled realism, beauty and quality thanks to hand assembly in the USA of both the head and body. the most beautiful, lifelike, and most advanced Sili Doll® to date just got better!

Suriwaai™ looks just alive and amazingly real. This is made possible thanks to our unique craftsmanship performed on each Suriwaai™ and fine cosmetics and materials used to literally bring each Suriwaai™ to LIFE. In that respect, each Suriwaai™ Signature Series – Configuration 1 will be carefully hand assembled in the USA (California) right before being shipped to you.

In addition to being a true work of art, Suriwaai™ is also the result of continuous research and development since the first Sili Doll, Suki™. Suriwaai™ will amaze you:

Enhanced Korean TPE, in-house formula: visually more realistic with enhanced skin details, sensibly softer and juicier, more flexible, more durable, less odor, and easier to maintain
Enhanced skeleton: more flexible, smoother and quieter movement, and stronger wrists and neck
Optimal 145 cm height and 57.5 lbs (26 kg) weight: Suriwaai™ offers incredibly realistic intercourse whilst ensuring ease of moving and storage
Optimal anal and vaginal alignment: for an enhanced user experience (missionary, doggy style, etc.)

Ships from USA California – Guaranteed Delivery – Free Express Shipping with online tracking number

Order to delivered time: only of 15-19 business days only (average) 

Shipping limitations: USA only


  • Ultra realistic face thanks to hand assembly in California, USA
  • Ultra realistic body thanks to hand assembly in California, USA
  • Life-life height of 145 cm
  • Ultra realistic curvy sexy body shape design with gigantic breasts and onion bubble booty, based on Suri`s body
  • Premium quality medical Korean TPE. Phthalates Free and Eco Friendly and EXTRA SOFT
  • Light japan white skin tone Korean TPE made – simply SOFTER than other sex doll brands 
  • Our TPE is SGS tested and comply with the European safety and quality requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC)
  • 3 penetration holes (oral, vaginal and anal) with different ribbing textures for maximum pleasure
  • Perfect vagina placement for smooth and easy doggy style vaginal penetration  
  • In-built fully articulated skeleton to assure optimization posture of the sex doll during intercourse
  • In-built extra deep vagina with improved vagina realistic design
  • Improved ultra realistic tits and areola design & skin makeup
  • Default hair and eyes: green eyes with blond hair


Suriwaai Signature Clear Best Nude Sex Doll Picture

  • Net Weight (with head on): 57.5 pounds (26 kilos)
  • Height: 145 centimeters
  • Bust/ breast circumference: 32.3 inches (82 centimeters)
  • Hips circumference: 20.1 inches (51 centimeters)
  • Booty circumference: 31.5 inches (80 centimeters)
  • Head circumference: 20 inches (51 centimeters)
  • Neck circumference: 10.2 inches (26 centimeters)
  • Shoulders length: 12.6 inches (32 centimeters)
  • Legs length: 17.7 inches (45 centimeters)
  • Feet length: 7.9 inches (20 centimeters)
  • Anal depth: 6 inches (15 centimeters)
  • Vagina depth: 7 inches (18 centimeters)


If you have additional customization needs, please use our live chat (bottom right).

We can further customize the doll`s hair & eyes color, skin tone, areola size, tits & areola color, etc.

We can share pictures of the customized doll for your confirmation before ship out.


  • NEW SURIWAAI™ 145 cm Signature Series Configuration 1
  • Extra wig (brown color)
  • 1 set of premium lingerie
  • Free USB heating device (used to heat the penetration holes before use)
  • Free vibrating bullet device
  • Free cleanser tool


  • Suriwaai™ Signature Series Configuration 1 (head and body) ships from California USA with online tracking number
  • FAST shipping: average 10-14 business days of processing time + 4-5 business days of shipping time ONLY!
  • Discreet shipping with possibility to pick up at UPS/ DHL collection point


  • Paypal checkout (pay with your Paypal account or your credit card if you don`t have a Paypal account)
  • Alternatively, we also accept bank wire transfer to our Hong Kong bank account (accounts details shared at checkout), USA bank account,  or USPS money orders to be shipped to our office in California
  • We start processing your order once the payment received


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Suriwaai Perfect Sex Doll
Perfect 145 cm Sex Doll USA Assembled



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