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Sex Doll Brunette Sofia TPE sex doll is the type of glamorous brunette sexy lady – type that you see in classy offices or some high end private hospitals, or maybe some movies.

This Sex Doll Brunette Sofia is detailed to the inches. Her hair is wig is made of synthetic fragments giving her hair a natural and realistic look and feel. Her eyes, eyebrows, lips all have been handfinished and brushed to give this Sex Doll Brunette Sofia a natural aura and look. The shape of the face of this doll is simply beautiful.

We have chosen oversized tits breasts and booty for this Sex Doll Brunette Sofia to enhance your sexual intercourse pleasure. Squeeze these tits and this huge booty and you will feel the difference.

We have not privileged size over quality. Sex Doll Brunette Sofia is fully made of premium like-like real skin medical TPE. Her weight, touch and look are therefore very realistic and a true pleasure to play with. Furthermore, this Sex Doll Brunette Sofia has an internal built metal skeleton allowing her to stand by herself and adopt your favorite sexual positions.

Last but not least, Sex Doll Brunette Sofia is a full torso sex doll, which also has a back (please see pictures) which allows you to think of plenty exciting sex positions.

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TPE Torso Sex Doll Brunette – VIDEO (HD) REVIEW

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  • TPE Torso Sex Doll Brunette is a torso body premium quality TPE sex doll by Sili Doll
  • Torso Sex Doll Brunette is large sized with large breasts tits detailed dimensions hereunder
  • Torso Sex Doll Brunette  is very tight and will please you utmostly (use a lot of lubricant)
  • Torso Sex Doll Brunette is handmade using real skin technology premium Korean TPE – making Sofia feel and look highly realistic life like
  • Our TPE is SGS tested and comply with the European safety and quality requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC)
  • 100% new and unused
  • Torso Sex Doll Brunette offers 3 types of intercourse (anal, vaginal and oral) with 3 different internal ribbing textures, providing different amazing and realistic lifelike feelings
  • Torso Sex Doll Brunette  has in-built last technology skeleton allowing her to maintain a perfect position
  • Hair color: brunette
  • Eyes color: dark blue
  • Lips color: natural pink
  • Tits color: natural pink
  • Removable hair: yes
  • Removable eyes: yes
  • Eyebrows: brown
  • Internal-built skeleton: yes


  • Weight: 10 kilos (= 22 pounds)
  • Size: 62*30*16 centimeters (= 24.4*12*6.3 inches)


  • TPE Torso Sex Doll Brunette – NEW AND UNUSED
  • Free Condom
  • Free Lubricant
  • Free cleanser tool
  • Always discreet packaging

Note: gifts are subjec to stock availability


Free Lubricant – Free Condom – Free Cleanser


  • Use plenty of lubricant during intercourse with TPE Torso Sex Doll Brunette
  • Wash before and after use with soapy water. After dry, apply baby powder
  • Do not exposure to sunlight or heatsource
  • Do not use sharp objects
  • Keep away from children


For sex doll lifelike, click on the picture:

sex doll lifelike

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sex doll leg
sex doll leg

For sex doll torso, click on the picture:

sex doll torso

For sex doll booty, click on the picture:

sex doll booty

For sex doll for her, click on the picture:

sex doll for her

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