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Makeup of Sex Dolls Tutorial

Makeup of Sex Dolls

Can I apply makeup on my sex doll? How can I do this?


Yes, the Korean TPE material used for our sex dolls support make up

With time, the makeup of your sex doll, and face components (such as eye lashes) may wear off

We recommend that, before applying makeup, you first fully clean the face of your sex doll and its original make-up.

Step 1: cleaning the face of your sex doll

In the following video, we show to you how to do this:

Sex Doll Video – Tutorial:

And the following picture shows to your the face of your doll, once it has been cleaned:

Makeup and no makeup for sex doll

Step 2: applying new make-up on your sex doll face

It may sound difficult, but it is not. Besides, it is not something only reserved to ladies, men can also quickly learn how to make up and easily do so on their sex doll`s head.

In the following video, we show to your how this is done in six simple way. All the tools used in this Sex Doll video tutorial may be found easily online on stores such as Ebay and Amazon.

Sex Doll Video – Tutorial:

Additional Doll Video: how to fix a fallen eye lash

Oops, that may happen with time, an eye lash falls. No worries, this can be quickly fixed with some eye lashes glue and by following the guidelines included in the following doll video tutorial

We hope you enjoyed our sex doll video tutorials and various tips on how to personalize your sex doll.

Please note that this making-up process may be repeated over and over. To ensure good preservation of the facial TPE skin, please apply baby powder carefully once the head is cleaned.

We offer separate sex doll heads for sale should you want to have more heads so to vary your making up options. Simply click on the follow link to discover our doll heads catalogue: Doll Heads


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