Buy Sex Toys FAQ

Buy Sex Toys FAQ
Buy Sex Toys FAQ

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Product and Quality

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Question: my I comeĀ visitĀ your dolls at your warehouse in Los Angeles or Hong Kong? I would like to see the sex doll before purchasing it.

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer this option right now
  • Only logistics and processing functions are currently held at our warehouses and all our sales and marketing activities are conducted only through our website and social medias ā€“ this allows us to maintain our costs low and in turn offer you with our best possible price
  • We try our best to present our product in the most objective ways using:

Please note that we are open to schedule online Skype video conference where we could show the doll live to you and answer in live any questions you may have.

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We remain at your disposal should you need further pictures, or have questions on our products and services. Please use ourĀ Live Chat or email usĀ Click here