Buy Sex Toys FAQ

Buy Sex Toys FAQ
Buy Sex Toys FAQ

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Maintenance and Care

Warm my Sex Doll Tools

How to warm up my sex doll before use?

During cold days, you sex doll may become cold and to enjoy it best, it is recommended to heatĀ you sex doll before use, or sleep.

You may warm up your sex doll body, and also herĀ penetration canals, assuming you are about to use her, in addition to sleeping with her.

Warming up you sex doll body:Ā 

We recommend using a warming pad (indicative picture hereunder) to warm the full body of your sex doll.

You may find such warming pad on online stores of Amazon and Ebay quite easily.

Warm pad for sex doll

Warming up you sex dollĀ canals

We recommend using a warmingĀ stick (indicative picture hereunder) to heatĀ theĀ penetration canals (oral, vaginal and anal) of your sex doll.

Such warming stick is included on all orders of full body 100 cm and above sex doll by Sili Doll:Ā Check out Suki 110 cm

Warm stick for sex doll

Important note!Ā 

Avoid overheating your sex doll, as this may damage her. TPE resistance to heat is good but not as good as silicone.

Accordingly, make sure to unplug your warming pad and warming stick when they turn warm, so to avoid damages.