Buy Sex Toys FAQ

Buy Sex Toys FAQ
Buy Sex Toys FAQ

Buy sex toys or a sex doll for the first time? We have got you covered and have various of your questions about “buy sex toys (dolls)” answered.

Check out our buy sex toys (dolls) FAQ categories hereunder to obtain answers to your questions.

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Product and Quality

Choosing my first Sex Doll

Any choosing advice? First time buyer -which sex doll is right for me?


Please note that all Sili Doll sex dolls are made with the same premium Korean TPE. Besides, we do our very best to make all our sex doll models as affordable as possible, for different budgets. Finally, all sex dolls presented in this post may be be used for oral, vaginal and anal sex interactions.

We think the choice will mainly depend on the key feature, look and budget you have in mind for your sex doll.

Here under are the characteristics of our key selling fully body sex dolls (with internal skeleton), as far as these criteria are concerned.

We hope this advice post will help you in your choosing process. Should you need further assistance (which is often the case, especially if you are a first time buyer), please do not hesitate to chat with us (link hereunder on the right) so we can help you choosing your sex doll!

Choice #1: Suki

Our best selling sex doll is Suki (Check out Suki). She is particularly appreciated by her distinctively detailed hands and feet, which is our signature for Suki.

Suki represents a good choice for you if you are looking for a fully functional, a young looking sex doll, which can be easily stored and transported. By choosing Suki sex doll, you are opting for a slightly anime look girl, which represent a perfect hentai character with her gold and pink original hair style (please note we also offer blonde and brown hair color variations).

Budget-wise, Suki costs only $1199 (with free express shipping). But you may get an up to $ 100 discount should you help with a review of your purchase.

You may check out a professional review of Suki , which confirms the quality and fun provided by this amazing sex doll. Click here.

To visit our partner site, Click here.

Image: so detailed skin of sex doll Suki. Advice: choose Suki if you are a skin fanatic! 

Choosing a sex doll

Image: a young looking japan doll. Advice: choose Suki if you are looking for quality hentai sex doll at an affordable price

Suki Original Hair with Brown Eyes

Choice #2: Sili 

Sili (Check out Sili) is the best choice for you if you are looking for the most affordable, fully functioning TPE sex doll available on the market. $1099 only, and which includes free shipping, for this amazingly cute, 100 cm tall sex doll, is just a great deal!

From a look and features stand point, Sili is made for those who look for a younger and very innocent look sex doll, which has oversized breasts, fun and ready to play with.

Please note however that Sili`s skin is not as detailed as Suki.

Image: oversized breast sex doll with pure innocent young look. 

sex doll Image

Choice #3: Saiko 

Saiko (Check out Saiko) is a very good choice if you are looking for a realistic doll, with life-like body measurements and proportions. Saiko has this realistic japan doll look which is quite attractive to those into Japanese girls and Japanese women.

Please note however that Saiko`s skin is not as detailed as Suki, but Saiko has the advantage of having her fingers articulated.

Budget-wise, Saiko costs only $1299 (with free express shipping). But you may get an up to $ 100 discount should you help with a review of your purchase.

Image: a japan doll. Advice: choose Saiko if you are looking for a sex doll that has a japan look with realistic body proportions


sex doll Picture

Visit Store for Sex Doll Testing

Question: my I come visit your dolls at your warehouse in Los Angeles or Hong Kong? I would like to see the sex doll before purchasing it.

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer this option right now
  • Only logistics and processing functions are currently held at our warehouses and all our sales and marketing activities are conducted only through our website and social medias ‚Äď this allows us to maintain our costs low and in turn offer you with our best possible price
  • We try our best to present our product in the most objective ways using:

Please note that we are open to schedule online Skype video conference where we could show the doll live to you and answer in live any questions you may have.

Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be updated on the latest sex doll review video and tips and care video: Sili Doll Youtube Channel

We remain at your disposal should you need further pictures, or have questions on our products and services. Please use our Live Chat or email us Click here

Odor on TPE Sex Doll

Question: my doll comes with a odor, smell, is it normal?


  • Yes is normal and a characteristic of TPE
  • Such odor, smell diminishes with time and application of baby powder on the doll (please make sure you apply baby powder only when your doll is fully dried)
  • You may also consider placing your TPE sex doll in an ventilated area. This will help diminish the TPE smell¬†over time
  • Alternatively, you may also consider giving a war-water bath to your sex doll. Be careful not to use hot water given this could damage your sex doll. After bath, make sure you dry fully your sex doll before applying baby powder on it

Safety of TPE Sex Dolls

Question: what quality and what level of safety do TPE Sex Dolls provide?


  • Our sex dolls and sex toys are made with the best quality Korean Thermoplastic Elastomers “TPE” Medical SGS tested and comply with the European stringent quality and safety requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC)
  • In addition to the higher quality¬†standards provided by our Korean TPE, our Korean TPE also allows enhanced product quality and design with additional levels of realism in the design of our toys and dolls. You may refer to the Suki review by Casquetero for a buyer`s opinion on the realism of our dolls, thanks to our Korean TPE used:¬†Suki review by buyer Casquetero

For more information about the third party testing organization SGS, please visit the SGS organization`s official website: www.sgs.com

Manufacturing Location of Sex Dolls

Question: where does the manufacturing activity of Sili Doll Sex Dolls take place?


  • The key manufacturing process of our dolls takes place in China using imported Korean TPE, whilst the final assembly and processing, warehousing takes placed in Hong Kong, or Los Angeles
  • The final assembly and processing of our sex dolls include the makeup sessions, packaging, and accessories placements
  • Please take into account 1-2 business days for the final assembly, after which your ordered sex doll will ship out. You may refer to the Shipping and Order FAQ section to learn about our order paid to order delivered time, which is on average of only 5-7 business days

Please refer to FAQ section Product and Quality to learn more about our Korean TPE quality