Sex Doll Torso (L)

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Do you dream every night about the perfect shaped woman body? Round bubble butt, generous tits and breasts soft to squeeze, perfect fit abdomen and discreet but tight vaginal and anal penetration holes?

Dream no longer and get now the SEX DOLL TORSO which is a premium Korean TPE made sex toy that will meet our your fantasies about the body of a young lady.

This SEX DOLL TORSO is fully made of premium Korean TPE, which is extremely soft to touch, long lasting and looks incredibly realistic. Check by yourself the video hereunder to witness the life-likeness of this amazing TPE SEX DOLL TORSO masturbator.

As for all Sili Doll products, this sex toy is handmade handfinished with high attention to small details, making this SEX DOLL TORSO a beauty to watch. Whilst not in use, feel free to dress up this perfect body with some sexy hot lingerie and there you go this sex toy torso becomes a magnificent sexual display object.

To ensure best use and preservation of your TPE SEX DOLL TORSO, please always follows the sex doll use and maintenance advice hereunder.

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  • SEX DOLL TORSO is a premium large top quality torso part masturbator sex toy by Sili Doll
  • This torso sex doll doll will please you with vaginal and anal sex
  • SEX DOLL TORSO is very tight and will please you utmostly (use a lot of lubricant)
  • SEX DOLL TORSO is not inflatable but is fully made of premium Korean TPE
  • This torso sex doll does not have and internal skeleton included as it is firm enough to maintain required sexual positions
  • Put on some sexy outfit (lingerie and uniforms) on this sexy torso sex doll and start fulfilling your wildest sexual desire
  • This torso sex doll is not customizable


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  • SEX DOLL TORSO is a torso premium quality sex doll torso only by Sili Doll
  • This torso only sex doll is made with the same TPE used in other full body sex doll and also allows vagina and anal penetration, and has no legs, head (no oral sex) or arms, which makes it smaller and easier to store, while doing the anal and vaginal job
  • SEX DOLL TORSO offers extra large boobs and very tight vaginal and anal penetration options for maximum pleasure (use a lot of lubricant) and realistic sexual penetration feelings
  • SEX DOLL TORSO is handmade using real skin technology premium Korean TPE – making it feel and look highly realistic and life like
  • Our TPE is SGS tested and comply with the European safety and quality requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC)
  • 100% new and unused
  • SEX DOLL TORSO offers 2 types of intercourse friendly with 2 different internal ribbing textures, providing different amazing and realistic lifelike feelings
  • Skin color: real skin color
  • Tits color: natural pink


  • Weight: 5.5 kilos (= 12.13 pounds)
  • Size: 15 x 9 x 4.72 inches (38 x 23 x 12 centimeters)



  • Free Condom
  • Free Lubricant
  • Free cleanser tool
  • Always discreet packaging

Note: gifts are subject to stock availability


  • Use plenty of lubricant during sexual intercourse penetration
  • Wash before and after use with soapy water. After dry, apply baby powder
  • Do not exposure to sunlight or heatsource
  • Do not use sharp objects
  • Keep away from children

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