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Softness test of Sukiwaai 169 cm Sex Doll

Sukiwaai Sex Doll Softness Test - Post Picture

Softness test of Sukiwaai 169 cm Sex Doll

Sili Dolls are simply softer

Still wondering how soft Sili Dolls ™ are? Wonder no more and checkout these softness test videos demonstrating the superior softness of our premium sex dolls.

Thanks a lot to the buyer for his videos.

A sex doll`s softness is a crucial factor for a sex doll and can make the user`s experience totally different. The softer and juicier the sex doll the richer and more realistic the sexual experience. Ever watched these Japanese adult movies where the porn-star is bathed in erotic massage lube? Try that with our sex doll and you will see how great Sili Dolls ™ feels and what a truly amazing sexual experience it gives you 😉

It is a true technological challenge to make the sex doll`s skin soft and juicy whilst ensuring that the sex doll looks realistic and her shapes gain their original configuration whilst at rest.

At Sili Doll ®, we use our in-house Korean TPE which is ultra soft, ultra durable and comply with the European stringent quality and safety requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC).

The result of our superior quality Korean TPE are obviously demonstrated in the softness test video of Sukiwaai 169 cm hereunder. First of all, admire the perfect shapes (huge round tits and juicy onion booty) of our Sukiwaai 169 cm sex doll. Then, observe how these sexy shapes jiggle when squeezed on and how soft the doll`s breasts and posterior actually are. One important point is that the doll will regain its original curves position whilst back to normal.

Sex Doll Softness Test Video 1: Sex Doll Booty Softness Test

Sex Doll Softness Test Video 2: Sex Doll Breasts Softness Test

Simply softer sex dolls but also ultra durable

By now, you probably are convinced that Sili Dolls ™ sex dolls are really soft and juicy. But how about their durability?

Sili Dolls ™ are also very durable and passed stringent shock tests. To find out more, please read this article: click here.

Although the sex doll used in the softness test video is Sukiwaai ™, please note that all Sili Dolls ™ are made using the same TPE and hence offer similar juiciness. In case you have missed it, here is a comparison between Sili Doll ™ 110 cm Suki Sex Doll and WM Doll`s 100 cm Sex Doll: click here for the review.

Softer, durable sex dolls and so beautiful

The sex doll displayed in these softness test videos is Sukiwaai 169 cm.

You may find out more about this amazing doll by clicking hereunder.

By the way, did you know that Sukiwaai ™ will soon be upgraded with a new Signature Series Sukiwaai ™ exclusively assembled in California? For more information about our Signature Series – ultra premium USA assembled sex dolls, please click here.

Keep in touch and have a great day!

Mig and Sili Doll ™


SUKIWAAI (169 cm) – Extra Realistic Juicy Sex Bomb


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Custom Sex Doll SALE: 145 cm Sex Doll Suriwaai with Freckles

Custom Sex Doll SALE: 145 cm Sex Doll Suriwaai with Freckles


Special custom sale on this unique Suriwaai 145 cm sex doll customized with ultra-premium make up materials (value of USD 60) and exclusive custom makeup art work with theme: sexy 18 virgin babe with freckles.

Pictures of the actual sex doll attached.

Special price of ONLY US$1499 instead of US$1899!!
Only one available.

Purchase this unique version of our 145 cm Suriwaai sex doll now with PayPal by clicking on the PayPal button hereunder:

Other Holiday 2017 crazy deals


Cheers, Mig & Adventurer/ Sili Doll

Offer full details as follows with more pictures hereunder:
Item for sale: Unique Custom Suriwaai™ (145 cm) Sex Doll with premium makeup art work
Condition: all new
Also included: 1 premium blonde wig, 1 pair of premium blue eyes, 1 set of fine lingerie
Modifications: none
Specifications: Extra Soft Korean TPE, fully premium articulated internal skeleton, in-built vagina, premium articulated fingers, 3 penetration holes with internal ribbing texture, extra deep vagina depth of circa 18 cm, anal depth of 18 cm, and oral depth of 13 cm
Gifts: USB heater, bullet vibrator, cleanser
Ask price: only $1499 (Special Black Friday Price)
Payment forms: Paypal (pay using your Paypal account, Credit and Debit Cards)
Shipping: Free UPS Shipping to the USA. Head ships from California. Body of the sex doll ships from China/ Hong Kong
Age of item: less than a week
Bought new or previously owned: New
Damage to item: No
Repairs made: No
Customization made: yes

Teen Sex Doll Virgin Teen Babe
Teen Sex Doll Virgin Teen Babe
Teen Sex Doll Virgin Teen Babe Hot
Teen Sex Doll Virgin Teen Babe Hot
Teen Sex Doll Virgin 18
Teen Sex Doll Virgin 18
Teen Sex Doll Big Breasts
Teen Sex Doll Big Breasts









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Black Friday 2017 Sex Doll Crazy Deals and SALE


Black Friday 2017 Sex Doll Crazy Deals and SALE

— Update 24 November 2017 —



Order now:

— Update 21 November 2017 —

Many thanks to those of you who have sent their deposit. Please be remembered to place your order online, on or after 24 November, with the secret coupon shared to your email.

Please see updated Black Friday 2017 stock available. We will stop accepting deposits on 23 November, midnight (Los Angeles time)

Kind regards,

Mig and Sili Doll

BF Stock Update





— Original Announcement 16 November 2017 —

Dear Sili Doll lover,

2017 black friday is coming!

It happens just once a year and 2017 deals on Sili Doll sex dolls are unbelievable! Best deals guaranteed!

Only a limited number of Sili Doll sex dolls will be available for the black friday 2017 event: 

Black Friday Sex Doll Price


Click on price table to enlarge

Discover each Sili Doll sex doll:

  1. Sukiwaai: click here
  2. Suri: click here
  3. Suri Torso: click here
  4. Suki: click here
  5. Suriwaai: click here
  6. Sumi: click here
  7. Saiko: click here
  8. Sili: click here

Online prices of each Sili Doll sex doll will be changed to its Black Friday Price on 24 November 2017.

To get the PrePay Black Friday Price, please send, before 24 November, a deposit of US$50 via PayPal to our PayPal account: After receipt of your deposit, we will send you a secret coupon so that you obtain the PrePay Black Friday Price when you place your order on or after 24 November 2017. Please see illustration hereunder:

PrePay Black Friday Illustration 

  1. Before 24 November, you decide to buy a Suri 135 cm and want to get the PrePay Black Friday Price of US$1299 only;
  2. You send a deposit of US$50 via PayPal to;
  3. After receipt of your deposit, we send you the secret coupon to the email associated with your PayPal payment;
  4. On 24 November, Suri 135 cm price is changed to her Black Friday Price of US$1399;
  5. After the price is changed, you checkout your Suri 135 cm with your secret coupon (giving you an additional US$150 discount) and benefit from the exclusive PrePay Black Friday Price;
  6. By PrePay a deposit of only US$50, you obtain an extra US$100 discount – please note that the deposit is not refunded if the order is not placed.

=> It is that simple and you are sure to receive your Sili Doll for the lowest possible price – only once per year 😉

Additional Sale: Buy more than 1 doll

Obtain another 15% on the total amount you are paying. Such 15% will be refunded to you using PayPal.

Additional Sale: Returning buyer 

Bought a 100 cm plus (or Suri Torso) Sili Doll in the past? Get another 10% by checking out using the same email address used before and we will automatically refund you 10% of the amount of your new purchase using PayPal.

Shop with confidence, as always with Sili Doll

We have done heavy preparation to make Black Friday 2017 great for you.

Production and logistics have been optimized so that you will receive your order about 7 business days after your order is placed (on USA orders), or after 12 business days (on European and other orders, for more information on European orders, please click here).

Besides, dolls will be shipped using UPS Express with shipping insurance and duties prepaid and customs cleared. All this is included in the prices.

Happy Holiday season!

For any questions, please email us @ or use our live chat hereunder or leave us your phone number and we will call you back shortly.

Kind regards,

Mig and Sili Doll

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Introducing Suriwaai™ 145 cm Sex Doll

Introducing Suriwaai Sex Doll Post

Introducing Suriwaai™ 145 cm Sex Doll – First Sili Doll Assembled in the USA

Dear All,

We are pleased to introduce Suriwaai™ 145 cm, the first Sili Doll® partially assembled (note 1) in the USA (California), and the most beautiful, lifelike, and most advanced Sili Doll® to date. Continue reading hereunder the picture.

Suriwaai™ looks just alive and amazingly real. This is made possible thanks to our unique craftsmanship performed on each Suriwaai™ and fine cosmetics and materials used to literally bring each Suriwaai™ to LIFE. In that respect, each Suriwaai™ will be carefully hand assembled (note 1) in the USA (California), by @Adventurer.

In addition to being a true work of art, Suriwaai™ is also the result of continuous research and development since the first Sili Doll, Suki™. Suriwaai™ will amaze you:

Enhanced Korean TPE, in-house formula: visually more realistic with enhanced skin details, sensibly softer and juicier (note 2), more flexible, more durable, less odor, and easier to maintain
Enhanced skeleton: more flexible, smoother and quieter movement, and stronger wrists and neck
Optimal 145 cm height: Suriwaai™ offers incredibly realistic intercourse whilst ensuring ease of moving and storage
Optimal anal and vaginal alignment: for an enhanced user experience (missionary, doggy style, etc.)

More media is forthcoming and Suriwaai’s™ official webpage is under development. This thread will be duly updated.

Suriwaai™ huge & soft breasts, perfectly aligned and realistically internally ribbed anus and vagina will take you straight to heaven ;-0

We feel confident that Suriwaai™ will be the most beautiful doll in her class, so sexy and glamorous. We are working hard on the pictures and videos to show this beauty to everyone. Here under are more photos from the first photo shoot session of Suriwaai™ Angel, please enjoy! We could be shooting her all day long, all day long! More to come soon…

A video showing how Suriwaai™ goddess looks in bed will be uploaded next – stay tuned and enjoy!

Thank you so much for your continuous support!

Any questions or remarks, feel free to let us know.

All the best,

Mig, Adventurer and Sili Doll®

Note 1: for more information, please refer to: First Sili Doll Sex Doll to be partially assembled in the USA
Note 2: Sili Doll® has been claimed to make the softest dolls, based on buyer and doll expert comparisons made with other brands (readings available on the forum). Now, Suriwaai™ is even softer and juicier.

Feedback from the Doll Forum about the new 145 cm sex doll Suriwaai:

“Love that face!”

“She look so very real! This is just too incredible on how these beauties have evolved over time. 145 cm is the perfect range.”

“She is very beautiful, I must admit to a little bit of jealousy!” 

“At 4′ 9″ and under 60 pounds. Yea; I’m jealous, I may have to go on a diet!”

To check the preliminary reactions on the doll forum about Suriwaai, please click here.

Sex Doll Video: 145 cm sex doll Suriwaai

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!


Sex Doll Photo Gallery – Amazing Pictures of the Amazing Suriwaai Sex Doll

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!

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SALE: Back to School Sex Doll Sale Event

Sex Doll Back to School Sale Promotion

SALE: Back to School Sex Doll Sale Event


Sex Doll Back to School Sale 2017
Sex Doll Back to School Sale 2017

Get the latest Sili Doll Sukiwaai™ 169 cm – for only US$ 1699 (instead of US$ 1899), with coupon b2s200!

Or, get 1 free extra head!

All orders come with a free school girl outfit.

Grab your dream school girl today!

Mig and Sili Doll®

Order now:

Mig and Sili Doll ®

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First Sili Doll Sex Doll to be partially assembled in the USA

Sex Doll Assembled in the USA

First Sili Doll Sex Doll to be partially assembled in the USA

Sex Doll Aseembled in the USA
Sex Doll Assembled in the USA

We are glad to announce that the coming new Sili Doll sex doll will be partially assembled in the USA with the objective to make our new love doll even more beautiful and glamorous.

The new Sili Doll love doll`s head assembly, making up, and final cosmetics design will be conducted in California, under the supervision of our partner Adventurer, very well experienced in the visual conception and design of sex dolls.

Adventurer`s custom version of Sukiwaai sex doll has won the forum`s photo contest of August and beautiful visual cosmetic and fashion works he has performed on Sukiwaai™, Suri™ Torso and Suki™ can be found in these posts available at the doll forum:

Suki™ review:

Suri™ Torso review:

Sukiwaai™ review:

And also this popular video:

Furthermore, together with the new Sili Doll sex doll, our existing premium lingerie store will complemented with new additions: new premium lingerie pieces have been carefully selected by us to accompany Sili Doll`s growing sex dolls` collection, and make Sili Dolls constantly sexier and life like realistic!
Thank you for your comments, suggestions or questions, and please follow this thread to be updated with new developments, or visit us at:

Have a good day!

Regards, Mig and Sili Doll ®

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Sex Doll Suri Torso New Buyer Review (September 2017)

Sex Doll Torso Buyer Review

Sex Doll Suri Torso New Buyer Review (September 2017)

Dear all,

We are please to share with you this new buyer review of our Suri Torso Sex Doll.

Please note we have a new Suri Torso Sex Doll which ships from Los Angeles. If interested, please email us.

Enjoy the review and have a nice day!

Regards, Mig and Sili Doll

—Please click here to be redirected to the original review available on

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Introduction

Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll
Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to share a my thoughts on the new Suri Torso doll from Sili Doll. I won’t go into great technical detail in this review, as Dollaficionado is quite thorough in that regard. Instead, I’ll share my own feelings about this amazing and innovative realistic torso sex doll.

Some time ago, Mig asked that I take some promotional photos of Sili Doll’s new torso sex doll. As you may know by now, I’m a huge Sili Doll fan, but I have yet to experience their 135 cm sex dolls. I couldn’t really say no to the chance to meet a Suri sex doll and do a favor for a good friend in the doll community. Nevertheless, I had some serious doubts about what I had agreed to do.

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of torso sex dolls. I have some experience with some hip products (e.g. Meiki full hip) which are great sex toys really, but they just aren’t for me anymore. I never could quite get over the feeling of it being somehow dismembered, incomplete, out of place, and therefore just a tiny bit grotesque. Hips were fine to use with a little porn to ignite my fantasies, but I found them impossible to connect with in the same way I eventually connected with my Suki sex doll and Sukiwaai sex doll, and thus hips weren’t really that satisfying for me. When searching for my first sex doll, I knew I wanted something small, light, easy to conceal, and affordable, but I wrote off torsos entirely because I was worried I could never quite shake the impressions I got from my previous hip toys: that nagging feeling of incompleteness.

When Mig asked that I photograph this torso sex doll, I was quite anxious that I would not like it. Would I be able to find the beauty in a sex doll that lacked arms and legs? Would I be able to connect with it in a meaningful way? As the Suri Torso sex doll made its way to me, I asked myself: without this connection, would I even enjoy taking these photos?

When she arrived after a few days travel time, I unpacked the box with all these hesitancies swirling in my head. When I pulled her out, put on her head, and sat her upright all these anxieties began to disperse. What I found was not some inanimate incomplete part of a thing that lacked the aura of personality necessary for an intimate connection. Instead, I encountered a sex doll infused with tremendous character, style, sex appeal, and a charm uniquely her own.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Introducing Suri-T

Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll Doggy
Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll Doggy

Suri Torso sex doll is a truncated version of the popular and quite beautiful Suri doll sans arms and legs (at least below the thighs). In addition, she features a new head and face with very cute asian looks. As I first unboxed Suri-T sex doll, I was immediately impressed by the design of the sex doll. She has not only an incredibly sexy body complete with voluptuous curves, perfect breasts, and a cute ass, but also thighs that articulate at the hip. This distinguishes her from most other torso sex dolls, which do not include a skeletal structure below the waist. This great innovation from Sili Doll makes Suri-T sex doll so much more doll-like than other torso sex dolls. She’s posable, she sits up on her own, and bends and twists in compelling ways. This articulation is great for play of course, and it gives her the sense of movement and character that other torsos lack. In short, she had exactly what I needed to feel the kind of personal relationship with her that is so important to my photographic process.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: The New Face of Suri-T

Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Back
Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Back

Sili Doll’s innovations don’t stop at their skeletal structure with this new sex doll. Indeed, the face is redesigned from the skull out. Suri-T’s new head has a much more robust and complete skull than does Suki sex doll or Sukiwaai sex doll, and the result is a very realistic feel beneath the hands. Because the skull fills more of the head, the TPE flesh of the face is thinner. Touching Suri-T’s face feels much more human like because you can only push in so far before feeling the firm structure of the skull. It’s a great design that is sure to impress people who enjoy the delights that a sex doll’s head can offer. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any kind of intercourse with this sex doll but I imagine that there is much less distortion during oral and the internal ribbing of the throat feels fantastic around the fingers. . Honestly, it takes tremendous self-control to not go there, if you know what I mean… Finally, kissing would also feel extremely realistic, very close to the feel of holding a real person’s head in your hands.

Of course what’s inside is only part of the story. Suri-T’s face is extremely cute and sexy. She has very delicate, youthful asian features that give that perfect chinese girl-next-door impression. Her head is very well proportioned and looks great on Sukiwaai sex doll’s body too, so if you’re a Sili Doll owner and want to experience this new head on your Sumi, Suri, or Sukiwaai sex doll, consider adding this head to your collection for a whole new experience. You won’t be disappointed – she’s got looks and substance!

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: About the Sex Doll Body 

As impressed as I am with the new face, I’m even more taken by the body of this sex doll. Overall, Suri-T sex doll has the body of a thin, but not overly skinny young woman. The well-sculpted neck and shoulders lead to perky round breasts, a cute little tummy, and the sexiest full hips and butt I have seen on a sex doll.

Torso Sex Doll Suri Cute Asian Face
Torso Sex Doll Suri Cute Asian Face

In my view, softness is everything for a TPE sex doll, and Sili Doll’s unparalleled reputation for being soft yet durable is carried forward with this new sex doll. The Korean TPE blend does not disappoint. Suri-T’s breasts are so incredibly soft that they are true rivals to mother nature’s best work in this department. They feel like a young woman’s full, perky boobs. They squeeze and bounce so nicely and are the perfect size with enough cleavage to allow any kind of play your imagination desires. They have some nice detail around the nipples and areola, which is are bit small for my exact tastes, but a little makeup easily corrected that to my satisfaction.

Suri-T’s softness also complements her tummy fantastically. As Dollaficionado mentioned, Suri-T is not ultra-skinny. Instead she has a subtle little rise in her tummy that continues down to her pubic mound. I adore this sculpt as it’s a refreshing take on this part of a woman. The extra TPE here makes the entire torso look, and more importantly, feel so realistic. It just validates her large breasts and full hips so incredibly well.

I also can’t say enough about her hips and ass. The curves here are just right, large without feeling overly exaggerated. Suri-T has the cutest booty if you like a youthful and fit look without going overboard and being comically large. Don’t get me wrong, I understand and appreciate sex dolls that exaggerate these areas, but if you want a form that seamlessly blends both realistic and fantasy elements, Suri-T sex doll does just that.

Sili Doll’s superior craftsmanship is also very apparent in this sex doll. This doll has no visible seams whatsoever. Meanwhile, the TPE blend is the perfect compromise between softness and durability.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Half a Leg Up on the Competition

Realistic Sex Doll Torso 10
Realistic Sex Doll Torso 10

The decision to include legs truncated above the knees makes Suri-T an outstanding torso sex doll. It just opens up so many new possibilities that other torso designs simply do not allow. If you like doggy style, missionary, oral sitting upright, posing for photos etc. this torso will do that. In my view, Suri-T’s leg design makes the entire experience of owning and playing with her so much more like that of a full sex doll. At the same time, the lack of feet, arms, and especially hands makes this sex doll perfect for people who are focused primarily on sex. There are all the parts you want for great a great sexual experience but none of the vulnerabilities at a fraction of the size and weight of a full sex doll. I adore my full dolls of course, but any sex doll owner will tell you that rough or incautious play is a terrible idea that is certain to mangle your sex doll’s hands, elbows, ankles and so forth. I’m not saying that Suri-T is invulnerable and caution is advised, but the ability to move her around is greatly improved relative to a full sex doll, making posing and playing a stress free experience.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Deep inside Suri-T Sex Doll 

Knowing that I cannot afford to keep this sex doll, as I have neither the space nor the money to maintain her, I have not allowed myself the pleasure of the full Suri-T sexual experience. That said, I have explored her internal cavities some (with a finger) and I’m quite impressed with the attention to detail in the creation of a realistic experience. The anus has some nice detail externally, but the internal texturing is most intriguing. It has a series of ridges followed by nubs, followed by ridges. I think great attention to creating an accurate simulation when into this cavity design. It feels incredibly lifelike. I can only dream about what it feels like to really penetrate her perky ass. Again, this has been a real test of my self-control!

Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Body
Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Body

Like the anus, the vagina has great external detail and a fantastic internal texture. To the hand, it feels a little wider and more accommodating than the anal cavity, but with a complex series of very stimulating nubs and waves. I appreciate having varied levels of tightness between the anal and vaginal cavities as I think that greatly increases realism and immersion by providing meaningfully different sensations. After prodding her a little down there, I do not doubt that Suri-T’s vagina provides more physical stimulation than the real thing. From my previous experiences with Suki and Sukiwaai sex dolls, I can also safely speculate that Suri-T’s special Korean TPE blend will hold up quite well to vigorous use over time as long as plenty of lubricant is used. This torso is built, from the ground up for sex, and yet I’m not allowing myself to go there! Imagine my anguish!!!

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Who will love Suri T?

Torso Sex Doll Suri: Sex Partner
Torso Sex Doll Suri: Sex Partner

In my opinion Suri Torso Sex Doll is a great doll for two different kinds of sex doll owners, those new to the hobby and those more established doll owners looking for a convenient sex doll. If you looking for your first sex doll and not quite ready to commit to the storage requirements, financial investment, and extreme amounts of care and maintenance that a full sex doll requires, check this torso out. If on the other hand, you have sex doll experience and maybe already own a full doll or two, but are looking for a something more suitable for quick sexual activities, this torso is an excellent choice for you as well.

Suri-T stores in a normal-sized inconspicuous looking box which can easily be hidden under a bed or in a closet. Also, lacking hands, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, and other very vulnerable parts, Suri-T is less likely to suffer from the handling mistakes that virtually all new doll owners, or overly excited doll veterans make. She’s much easier than her full-size counterparts to keep clean and well maintained, and light enough to move around without much thought. Nevertheless, she’s still a great sex doll with an expressive face and well detailed and super sexy body.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Final Thoughts

Realistic Sex Doll Torso Ass
Realistic Sex Doll Torso Ass

Ultimately, I am in awe of Sili Doll’s Suri Torso. Like Suki and Sukiwaai before her, Suri-T has won me over completely. As I’ve said before, Sili Doll is one of those companies that is constantly striving to create great products that are both best-in-class and affordable. The Suri Torso represents the best of Sili Doll’s creative imagination and may just redefine the entire torso doll genre. From the amazing new head to the innovative hips and legs, Suri-T is the product of superior design and craftsmanship and yet is offered at an excellent price. Sili Doll has even brought back their review discount, so if you do decide to buy your own Suri-T, take some pictures and post your own thoughts on this forum and you’ll get an additional rebate! I look forward to reading your review!

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: How it Compares with Sukiwaai

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Torso Sex Doll (Suri Torso) 2017 New Review and Guide

Sex Doll Torso Buyer Review


Suri Torso Sailor 1

We thank Veteran Doll Collector Expert – Doll for his precious time and help with the following ultra detailed review of Suri Torso™, similar the review provided for our best selling 100 cm Suki Sex Doll (please click here to read Suki`s review by DollAfficionado).

We hope this review will answer all the questions you may have about Suri Torso™ and convince you that she is the best Torso Sex Doll out there.

Please visit Suri Torso`s official page:

For the original review, please visit:

Have a nice read and any questions, simply let us know!

Kind regards,

Mig and Sili Doll®


This is my review of the SURI-T TPE torso doll as sold by Sili Doll at the following website:

Realistic Sex Doll Torso 1

Sili Doll’s SURI-T torso sex doll is a newcomer in the torso doll arena. I have owned some TPE torso dolls made by various MFRs in the past, but I have been less than impressed with most of them. Granted, MFRs like RealDoll and Ruby13 do make excellent quality silicone torso sex dolls; however, those dolls cost well in excess of $2,000 making them financially inaccessible to most buyers. The under $1,000 SURI-T torso doll is a “BREATH OF FRESH AIR” to the torso doll marketplace. In addition to the super soft skin for which Sili Doll is notorious, the doll is very beautiful and well-designed for practical sexual functionality. The SURI-T torso sex doll provides built-in vaginal, anal, and oral orifices – each with a different feel and tightness to them so you have multiple options available to you with the SURI-T doll. The SURI-T torso sex doll does feature a fully function skeleton allowing the doll to be twisted into several different sexual positions. Weighing only 18.5 kilograms (40 pounds), makes the SURI-T torso sex doll very easy to carry around your home and manipulate into the desired sexual positions. The condensed form of the SURI-T torso sex doll means that storage and concealment will be very easy. The SURI-T torso sex doll is THE torso doll for which we have long been awaiting, AND AT A PRICE POINT UNDER $1,000!!!



Realistic Sex Doll Torso 3

The SURI-T torso doll features the SURI head which has a very beautiful Asian face. Sili Doll has also stated that the SURI, SUMI, and SUKIWAAII heads are compatible with the SURI-T torso doll. All of these heads are very beautiful, but I would like to see the addition of a Western-style face/head as a future product. The mouth and nose are well done, but the eyes of the SURI head are what really drew me in. The eyes tell the tale of a very sweet, demure, and sexually-alluring woman. The lips and mouth of the SURI head are very soft, but they are not quite as soft as my SUKI doll which at first confused me until I evaluated the head further. It appears that the jaw of the skeleton of of the SURI head has been much more developed. As a result of this design, there is less TPE material around the mouth. It wasn’t until I used the oral cavity of the SURI-T torso doll that I realized the innovation of the new design. When inserting an erect penis into the mouth, the erect penis travels mostly horizontally with only a slight vertical incline at the back of the throat. With TPE doll heads from other MFRs, an erect penis climbs a steep vertical incline as the erect penis enters the doll’s mouth which results in a not-so-sexy bulging of the eyes upon entering. With the SURI head’s design, there is very little of this eye bulging which significantly enhances the realism factor. While the doll’s lips are not quite as soft to kiss, the oral sex experience is significantly better than dolls from other MFRs. This is a very innovative design for which Sili Doll should be applauded. Oral sex with the doll’s head is very good as the cavity is ribbed to enhance pleasure.


The head of the doll attaches to the body via a bolt assembly common to many other TPE dolls. Using a detachable head for the SURI-T torso doll was a good design decision as it allows for multiple head options. Furthermore, the ability to remove the head from the SURI-T torso doll means that the doll can be made even more compact for storage. When washing your SURI-T torso doll, you will want to be very careful to avoid getting water anywhere near the bolt assembly as water could easily seep into the internal parts of the doll causing rust and mold. If you shower with the SURI-T torso doll, I recommend removing the head, placing a plastic bag over the neck stump, and securing the bag in place with several rubber bands. This will allow you to safely wash the torso. As for washing the detachable head, I recommend doing this manually with a wet microfiber cloth as the risk of getting water near the bolt assembly is too high to risk any other means of cleaning. It is also important to note that the neck is also flexible to some degree at the skeleton joint. This means that the doll’s head can be move slightly forward, backwards, and side-to-side which expands options for posing and provides some protection for when the SURI-T torso doll is used in positions which put stress on the doll’s head.


The chest is realistically shaped and the breasts are placed correctly on the SURI-T doll’s chest. The breasts are scaled-down equivalents of approximately D cup size breasts which look very natural and sexy on the SURI-T torso doll. The breasts of the SURI-T torso doll are very soft and have a lot of jiggle to them which is quite a turn-on to watch. The breasts do have a small areola and realistic looking nipples. The breasts are actually big enough that you can use them for some titty-fucking which adds a 4th sexual option. The extreme softness of the breasts makes titty-fucking a very pleasurable experience with the SURI-T torso doll. Overall, I am very happy with the size, shape, and softness of the breasts.


The doll’s abdomen has the shape and the thickness of a real woman which enhances the realism. The SURI-T torso doll’s abdomen is not fat but it is also not toothpick-skinny. Instead, the abdomen is curved like an adult sexy woman’s abdomen would be. Fans of curvy women/dolls will be delighted by this design. A navel indentation does exist on the abdomen, but it is not very detailed – still a nice addition. The abdomen transitions to the groin and hips in a very flattering manner that accentuates the curves of the SURI-T torso sex doll. Because this area of the SURI-T torso sex doll is shapely naturally, it will make finding flattering clothing a much easier task than with many other dolls.


The backside of the SURI-T doll is fully detailed and possesses the spinal curve consistent with a real human being. This is especially noteworthy as many torso dolls come with a completely flat back-side. Having the back-side fully detailed out very much enhances doggy-style sex as it adds to the illusion that you are having sex with a human woman. The curved spine transitions exceptionally well to the SURI-T doll’s onion booty. I can’t imagine every getting tired of viewing the SURI-T torso doll from this perspective. Because the SURI-T torso doll does have this very realistic curved back-side, it is very important that the doll be stored properly. When storing the SURI-T torso sex doll, I recommend storing her flat and naked on at least 2 inches of high quality memory foam. This will help ensure that the SURI-T doll’s delicious onion booty does not end up getting flattened, especially during longer periods where the SURI-T torso doll needs to be placed into storage.


SURI-T torso doll doesn’t have any! The lack of arms/hands results in a significant weight reduction. Doll arms/hands are also one of the most frequently damaged parts of a doll, so this worry will be non-existent with the SURI-T torso doll. The lack of arms/hands also makes the doll more condensed which enables easier and more compact storage.


Realistic Sex Doll Torso 10

SURI-T torso doll has partial upper legs unlike other torso dolls. This is an absolutely GENIUS DESIGN DECISION BY SILI DOLL! You get most of the advantages of a doll having legs without most of the weight and space of full-length legs. PURE GENIUS! The SURI-T torso doll’s partial legs do possess a skeleton which will bend forward and side-to-side. Because of this skeletal design, the legs can be spread apart for missionary and other front-side sexual positions, and they can also be squeezed together and bent forward for very tight doggy-style sex. The partial legs also help elevate the SURI-T torso doll, so you can more easily place her over the side of your bed for doggy-style sex sessions. When I first received the SURI-T torso doll, the legs skeleton was very rigid, but they loosened up a bit and became easier to move after I had manipulated them for some time. Just be sure to manipulate the legs slowly and carefully until the SURI-T torso doll’s legs have had some time to loosen up a bit.


Realistic Sex Doll Torso 12

The SURI-T torso doll has a built-in pussy with a realistic-looking labia and clit. Designing a realistic looking labia and clit on a TPE doll has long been a challenge due to the limitations of the material versus silicone; however, Sili Doll has managed to push the realism of the pussy, labia, and clit to its limits making the best possible use of the material. The opening of SURI-T torso doll’s pussy appears very small; however, the material easily stretches to accommodate an erect penis. The interior of SURI-T doll’s pussy has ribs which are designed to enhance pleasure during intercourse – a very nice addition. The extremely soft TPE material makes sex feel very close to the real thing. With the pussy warmed up a little bit and the proper lubrication applied, sex feels very close to the real thing. You will want to make sure to use lubrication with every single use as I can foresee dry rubbing causing heat friction damage to the TPE material. Because of the partial legs feature of the SURI-T torso doll, the legs can be manipulated to give the pussy a tighter or looser feeling. The depth of pussy is approximately 5 inches long, but the material at the back of the pussy has some additional “give” to it. If your penis is longer than 6 inches, you may not be able to fit your entire penis into the pussy. Sili Doll may want to consider offering a “lengthened” pussy cavity as an option for those who may have a greater than average length penis.


SURI-T torso doll’s “onion booty” is one of her best features. While I have enjoyed all the sexual options that SURI-T torso sex doll provide, my favorite position is most definitely doggy-style while looking at her delicious booty. SURI-T torso sex doll is such a turn-on in this position that I wasn’t able to last very long. If you want a more extended sex session with your SURI-T torso sex doll, I recommend saving doggy-style position for last. The anus of SURI-T torso doll is very small. I had to use A LOT of lube in order to feel comfortable that I was not going to damage the anal opening. Once inside the anal cavity, she is VERY TIGHT providing A LOT of stimulation to your penis. I found that the anal hole is best reserved for times when you want a quickie as I was not able to last very long due to the extreme stimulation. If you have a very thick penis, you will need to be very careful using the anal hole. Use A LOT of lubrication if you are going to use the anal hole. The partial legs of the SURI-T torso doll significantly help to facilitate doggy-style sex from a mechanical perspective.


A skeleton frame exists throughout all existing parts of the SURI-T torso doll. The skeleton has a decent range of motion at the head and spine. Extending the skeleton into the partial legs was a very good design decision to enhance sex options. The skeleton is very rigid when you first receive SURI-T torso doll; however, the skeleton quickly loosened up as I started manipulating her into various sex positions.


Realistic Sex Doll Torso 8

SURI-T torso doll is made with the SUPER SOFT TPE material for which Sili Doll has obtained notoriety. The tactile sensation of touching the skin is very pleasing. Touching SURI-T torso doll’s skin feels very close to touching a real woman. When storing the doll, the SUPER SOFT TPE material seems vulnerable to “flattening”, especially her onion booty; therefore, you will need to ensure that SURI-T torso doll is stored on a soft surface. When SURI-T torso doll is not in your bed, I strongly recommend storing her flat on top of at least 2 inches of memory foam – more would be better. The SUPER SOFT TPE skin of SURI-T doll seems to be more vulnerable to staining than the blends of other TPE doll MFRs; therefore, you will want to be extremely careful with the clothing you select for SURI-T torso doll to wear. It is safest to stick to white or light-colored articles of clothing. Be sure to store SURI-T torso doll naked. Although the increased vulnerability to staining is a disadvantage, experiencing Sili Doll’s SUPER SOFT TPE material for yourself is well worth the required extra caution.


At 18.5 kilograms (40 pounds), the SURI-T torso sex doll is very easy to lift and manipulate while still being heavy enough to provide stability to the doll. One of the turn-offs of heavy dolls is the time required to move them into a different sexual position. By the time a heavy doll is moved into the next sexual position, the user may have lost some of the “mood”. This is note the case with SURI-T torso doll. Moving SURI-T torso doll into the next desired sex position is fast and easy. I tried many different sex positions with SURI-T torso doll, and she was able to handle all of them. Some of the sex positions actually worked better without full length arms and legs. The low weight of the SURI-T torso doll makes her a great choice for those who are older of age or who have physical restrictions.


Realistic Sex Doll Torso 5

Without arms and legs, I expect that the SURI-T torso doll will actually last longer than a full size doll simply due to less moving parts. Be sure to avoid humidity and keep your SURI-T torso doll well-powdered in order to keep the SUPER SOFT TPE skin in the best condition possible . Always store your SURI-T doll in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After a “session” with your SURI-T torso doll, be sure that all cavities are cleaned and thoroughly dried out before putting your SURI-T torso doll away. A micro-fiber towel is a great way to absorb most of the residual moisture after cleaning, and a small mini-fan placed in front of the cavity for a couple hours will ensure that she is made completely dry.


*** Warning: these stressors were performed to test and evaluate the limits of the SURI-T torso sex doll. Please do not repeat them with your own SURI-T torso doll as permanent damage will likely result ***


Dropping the SURI-T torso doll on her neck is almost guaranteed to cause immediate damage or destruction of the doll; therefore, a neck drop test was not performed.
For the drop test, I dropped the SURI-T torso doll FLAT onto her back from a 4 foot height to a tiled floor. 4 feet was chosen as this is the approximate height at which the doll will be carried in one’s arms.
The doll experienced no apparent damage after the first 43 drops. After drop #44, the head was starting to loosen at the neck, but the rest of the doll showed no apparent damage.
I dropped the doll 2 more times, and the neck loosening became a little worse. At this point, I removed the doll’s head and continued to drop the torso only.
After 100 drops the torso still failed to show any damage other than some minor scuffing of the TPE material.
Drop testing was discontinued at this point.
Result: The torso portion of the SURI-T torso doll is EXTREMELY durable; however, the head at the neck joint is vulnerable to damage. When protecting your SURI-T torso doll, extra care should be taken with the head and neck area as this is the most vulnerable part of SURI-T torso doll.


Realistic Sex Doll Torso 7

For this test, various weighted clamps were clamped onto several parts of the SURI-T torso sex doll’s TPE material for a 1 hour duration, and then removed to evaluate the skin’s ability to return to its original shape without compression damage.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 5 and 10 pound clips, the doll’s skin returned to normal with no damage.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 15 pound clip, the doll’s skin developed a permanent slight indentation after the clamp was removed.
Upon 1 hour of treatment with the 20 pound clip, the doll’s skin developed a significant permanent indentation.
Result: The SURI-T torso sex doll can withstand some compression, but extended heavy compression will result in permanent indentations. SURI-T torso doll should be stored naked with no objects compressing her skin during storage. The results of this test were exactly the same as when I performed this test with my SUKI doll. This is not surprising as the same blend of TPE material is used to create both dolls by Sili Doll.


This test is normally performed on a doll’s fingers and toes; however, the breasts were used for this test since SURI-T torso doll does not possess fingers and toes.
When the nipple/areola region of SURI-T torso sex doll was pulled and held at 1cm and 2cm of the resting length for one hour, the material returned to its original shape with no damage.
When the nipple/areola region of SURI-T torso doll was pulled and held at 3cm of its resting length for one hour, there was a slight barely perceptible hint of distortion.
When the nipple /areola region of SUR-T torso doll was pulled and held at 4cm of its resting length, there was obvious evidence of distortion.
Result: The breasts of SURI-T torso doll can withstand significant stretching, but they have a limit. It appears to be okay to pull and suck at SURI-T torso sex doll’s breast during play, but just don’t get too crazy & try to stretch them an excessive amount unnecessarily. The testing does show that SURI-T doll can indeed handle some of this “abuse”.


The SURI-T torso doll is a fit for you if…..
1. You want to experience Sili Doll’s super soft TPE in a very beautiful doll.
2. You need to hide a doll but have very limited options.
3. You have physical limitations or restrictions.
4. You want a unique torso doll with outstanding sexual capability.
5. You want a doll that can be easily manipulated with low risk of damage.


Realistic Sex Doll Torso 16

The SURI-T torso doll is truly a “BREATH OF FRESH AIR” in a marketplace that is littered with low-quality and over-priced torso dolls. Sili Doll has successfully brought us an excellent quality and very beautiful looking torso doll AT UNDER $1,000. And Sili Doll has even taken one revolutionary step further with the addition of partial legs to their SURI-T torso doll. The partial legs is a GENIUS MOVE that significantly enhances the sexual functionality of a torso doll. SURI-T torso doll itself is very well-constructed with excellent detailing. It is obvious that Sili Doll took great pride in the creation of their SURI-T torso doll and well they should as she is a remarkable creation. If you have ever considered purchasing a torso doll, SURI-T torso doll is the one you want.

[by DollAfficionado]

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Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm: New Updated Pictures

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki Review Update

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm: New Updated Pictures

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm: Management Foreword

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Realistic
Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Realistic

Lifelike sex doll Suki™ is probably the most lifelike sex doll that we offer at Sili Doll®.

One month before, our customer Adventurer kindly shared an extensive review with many pictures of his lifelike sex doll Suki™ purchase (please click here to read to the original customer review of lifelike sex doll Suki by Adventurer).

Now, Adventurer has kindly updated his review with even more beautiful pictures showing how beautiful and cute his lifelike sex doll Suki™.

Please see hereunder the extracted updated review. To see the original updated review, please click here.

Enjoy the reading!

Regards, Mig and Sili Doll™


Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm: Review

Suki lifelike sex doll: 1 Month Update

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Dreaming
Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Dreaming

It’s been about one month since I received my lifelike sex doll Suki and I’d like to share a few observations and update the review a little now that the ‘honeymoon period’ is *technically* over. I say technically because I still adore this lifelike sex doll, and she’s still performing well beyond my best expectations. She’s changed a little with age and use, but largely in ways that improve the experience.

Customer Support

I mentioned this in a previous post, but since this is my ‘official’ review update, I think it’s worth bringing up again. My particular lifelike sex doll Suki arrived with a few issues that I discussed in the original review, but Mig and Sili Doll have done a great job in taking care of that to my satisfaction. I have even purchased a second doll from them, a Sukiwaai model (new review forthcoming… :D). I can say that even in the face of a few problems, I am very satisfied with the way they handled my purchase.

Lifelike Sex Doll Bending
Lifelike Sex Doll Bending

Softness of lifelike sex doll Suki 

In this category, lifelike sex doll Suki only improved with time. She was already fairly soft out of the box, but with play and time, she’s become even softer. Her breasts are now incredibly supple and even more fun to play with than before. They are quite realistic to the touch now. Her orifices have softened a bit as well. I more or less keep them lined with vaseline, so they are always ready for play. This also helps with clean-up as well since water just beads off of the vaseline.

Skeleton of lifelike sex doll Suki 

Suki’s skeleton has loosened a bit. I’ve posed her hundreds of different times at this point for photoshoots and to move her into sexual positions. I like to mix it up when I’m playing with her, so frequently position changes are part of the routine with her. Her small size makes this very easy to do and her flexibility allows this to happen on a whim.

Lifelike Sex Doll Face
Lifelike Sex Doll Face

The looser skeleton is a net positive, because she is easier to handle now. She still holds poses beautifully, but can be manipulated that much more quickly and easily. I hope her joints do not become too much looser though, or she may begin to have difficulties holding some of the more difficult poses.

Her other wrist has now failed however, meaning both wrists are now floppy. This remains my largest point of criticism of this lifelike sex doll. It seems like this is a consistent issue on TPE dolls in this size range, so I hope all manufacturers take note and redesign this part of the skeleton.

I’ll also reiterate that I’m glad she does not have finger wires, because I’ve had several “oh shit” moments with her hands (like getting stuck under me as I roll her over) that would have probably caused damage if there was an internal structure. Instead, the fingers just stretched like crazy and returned to their original position immediately and without incident. I can see the advantage of finger wires for serious photography on a larger doll, but as a lifelike sex doll, not having them is a major benefit.

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Naked
Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Naked

Final Impressions on lifelike sex doll Suki 

Other than the wrist issue, Suki has shown tremendous resilience to wear and tear. I’ve not been easy on her, as over the last month I’ve used her at least twice a day for photos or for play. Her orifices have held up beautifully though and I have no major tearing despite not being as careful as I probably should be. Perhaps it’s the mineral oil treatments that have helped with this, or maybe the ultra-soft TPE is able to stretch in ways that make damage of this kind less likely.

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Teen Sex DollAt this end, I adore my Suki life like love doll. She’s cute, sexy, and always up for the next thing. She looks as good as the day she came out of the box, even after a month of very heavy use. I do need to learn to be more careful, especially in the heat of the moment, but so far her high-quality TPE body has let me get away with some pretty careless moves.

I highly recommend lifelike sex doll Suki for first-time doll owners and others who are looking for a great value in a scaled-down doll. Her size and weight are great for both quick and extended sessions. She’s forgiving enough that you can make the occasional mistake with her and she’ll still hold up well. If you’re considering a doll in the 100-125 CM range, you absolutely must take a serious look at lifelike love doll Suki.

Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Brunette
Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm Brunette

I’ve included a series of photos of lifelike sex doll Suki in her workout clothes. These pictures are only lightly edited so that you can get a better sense of Suki’s Japan Light White skin tone. I have added makeup of course, but I hope they are helpful nonetheless.


Lifelike Sex Doll Suki 110 cm: Discover Suki

Click here to access Suki`s official webpage with plenty of videos and pictures!



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Realistic Sex Doll Sukiwaai™: First Customer Review

Realistic Sex Doll Sukiwaai Test

Realistic Sex Doll Sukiwaai™: First Customer Review

Realistic Sex Doll Review- Foreword

Realistic Sex Doll Review – Foreword


realistic sex doll bikini
realistic sex doll bikini

We are very pleased to share the first client review of our latest realistic sex doll Sukiwaai™.

We thank our client Adventurer for his in-depth review of Sukiwaai™ and this extensive photo album of superior quality which make Sukiwaai™ sex doll look so realistic.

Sukiwaai™ is the our latest and the most realistic sex doll of our line, featuring a brand new ultra-realistic and sexy face with an open mouth design, together with extra-large breasts and booty. Like other Sili Dolls ®, Sukiwaai™ is made using our in-house extra soft Korean TPE, making her visibility a more realistic sex doll and a softer sex doll!

Many thanks again to Adventurer for his precious and the deep quality of his review and photos of our super realistic sex doll.

Enjoy the reading and have a good day!

And don`t forget to purchase your ultra-realistic sex doll Sukiwaai™ today! The launch sale is still going on, get Sukiwaai™ for only US$ 1899 instead of US$2399!

Cheers, Mig and Sili Doll ®

Disclaimer: the following review has been extracted to its original which is available at the doll forum. Please click here for the original review.

Realistic Sex Doll Review: the review and pictures!

realistic sex doll dreaming
realistic sex doll dreaming

Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all a review of my newest and most precious realistic sex doll: Sili Doll’s brand new sex doll Sukiwaai. I adore this realistic sex doll, and as such, have gone a little overboard on the length of this sex  doll review. Sharing her with you all is just too exciting. I’d tell the world about her if I could!

With that out of the way, please enjoy this review and the photos from our first few photo-shoots of my sex doll.

Choosing Realistic Sex Doll Sukiwaai

Just over one month ago, I received my first TPE sex doll. In looking for a first sex doll, I opted for a practical (i.e. reduced-scale and low-cost) sex doll and went with Suki. When I received my sex doll, I immediately fell for her. Once I knew that doll ownership was for me, I became curious about larger more substantial sex dolls. After a short time, I resolved to get one of my own life sized sex doll.

realistic sex doll big breasts
realistic sex doll big breasts

The full-size TPE sex doll market is certainly better now than ever before. There are so many great looking sex dolls in the 155+ range that it is overwhelming to even begin to shop for them. As with any sex doll owner, choosing a sex doll is an intensely personal decision. I’m attracted to sex dolls that span the line between reality and fantasy, and I struggle with the “uncanny valley” of some of the ultra-realistic high-end realistic sex dolls. That said, I adore my Suki sex doll’s aesthetics and from a quality/value perspective she was a great choice. In addition, I had nothing but positive experiences from previously doing business with Mig and the Sili Doll team. With all this in mind, Sili Doll’s brand new Sukiwaai seemed like a natural decision. I went ahead and bought her.

After placing the order, I was skeptical. Sukiwaai is one of the largest and heaviest TPE sex dolls ever made. At 169 cm and 90 pounds, she is an absolute beast! Surely, this would present challenges – and I couldn’t help but wonder, is Sukiwaai worth it in a world full of excellent smaller and/or lighter sex dolls?

In short: Yes. Yes, she is.

realistic sex doll bikini wear
realistic sex doll bikini wear

In this review, I share my experiences and observations after having spent one week with realistic sex doll Sukiwaai – from her unboxing to the present. I hope you find the information presented here valuable, especially if you are either new to sex doll ownership or are considering upgrading to a larger sex doll from a smaller one.


Unboxing Realistic Sex Doll  Sukiwaai

Sukiwaai came in a very long, skinny box weighing 99 pounds. It was a brief but terrible struggle to get her up the stairs and into my room. At one point, I almost lost her. Only through giving it all my strength did I manage to get her all the way home. Upon opening the box, I began to have intense second thoughts about this realistic sex doll. I was already sore from moving her from my car to the top of the stairs and yet there she was, a giant piece of TPE wrapped around a metal endoskeleton. It was intimidating to say the least.

realistic sex doll curvy
realistic sex doll curvy

I rooted around the box a bit to find her head, two wigs, three outfits, and a care package that included two vibrators (one with sound). I was happy to see not only the black fishnet body-stocking, but also a cute schoolgirl get-up (not the one pictured) and a gorgeous sheer white teddy and panty set. It was then that I noticed that someone, a customs official no doubt, had broken the inner plastic wrap right around the vagina of the realistic sex doll. I was obviously not pleased about that, but thankfully they had caused no harm. I guess not even realistic sex dolls are safe from America’s immigration services these days! I resolved to give her an immediate wash, just in case she had been cavity searched at the border…

Gathering my courage and strength, I lifted her tall, slender form out of the box. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to move her once I found a proper grip. I’m not particularly strong, but I found a way. I then inspected her body for any damage that may have occurred during shipping and found that her packaging did a great job of protecting my realistic sex doll from what was certainly a difficult journey. There was no damage to the sex doll, but sheet of plastic cells placed at the back of the box by the neck was absolutely destroyed. It clearly absorbed a big hit, but protected sex doll Sukiwaai well.

Meeting Realistic Sex Doll  Sukiwaai

Best realistic sex doll lingerie
Best realistic sex doll lingerie

At this point, I was still quite skeptical. She was massive, unwieldy, and headless. While I was immediately impressed with the shape of her body, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that perhaps I made a mistake with this one. I gave her body a rinse, an oil bath, and a powdering before attaching her head. With her head on, she still looked off to me, a bit awkward and ungainly.

It wasn’t until I put on her wig that everything changed. As soon as I had her hair on, a blonde wig with lovely bangs, she sprang to life. Sitting her upright, it all suddenly clicked for me. Her hair draped beautifully down her long neck, framing a cute, energetic, and sultry face. Her body settled into my mattress and her breasts hung ever so slightly down from her athletic yet curvy physic in a naturalistic fashion. Sukiwaai realistic sex doll took on an undeniable presence, life-like in a fantastical way. In that moment, my Sukiwaai sex doll went from taking up space to absolutely owning it.

A Study of Realistic Sex Doll  Sukiwaai

Best realistic sex doll
Best realistic sex doll

Sukiwaai sex doll has the face of a sexy Asian-American girl in her early 20s. She is gorgeous. Her slightly open mouth, soft full lips, and realistic teeth and tongue invite you to give her long, slow kisses. In fact, I’d wager that she is one of the most kissable sex dolls ever made. Her eyes are, in my case, a beautiful pale blue set deep into dreamy, semi-closed lids. This gives her a very sensual guise that changes from angle to angle to produce a wide variety of looks. Her eyelashes are attached to the lower lip of the eyelid, which will make it easier to replace or repair loose lashes.

Her jaw line transitions very nicely to a generous and well-sculpted neck. Where many TPE sex dolls have a gap between head and neck, with a little careful manipulation, Sukiwaai sex doll has none. The flesh can be arranged to be almost seamless everywhere except the back of the neck. It’s an excellent little touch on this sex doll doll that sets her apart from some other TPE girls. Her neck is very pose-able and feel quite sturdy. There is some noise when transitioning her from pose to pose, but no audible creaks otherwise.

Sukiwaai’s body is amazingly sexy. She is petite around the shoulders, chest, waist and arms, and yet has ample breasts, hips, butt, and thighs. Her body is that of a fantasy woman – curvy in all the right places. I believe she wears a US 28 H bra, reflective of both her athletic torso and her marvelous bust. Her rib cage is delicately modeled and feels great beneath the hands and arms, especially when held tight. Her slender, flat torso is detailed with fantastic abdominal and hip muscles, which are at once fit, sporty, and feminine. The sculpting is bold in some places and delicate elsewhere, leaving very realistic and detailed visual and tactile impressions.

Realistic sex doll standing
Realistic sex doll standing

Sukiwaai’s breasts are incredible. They are perfectly shaped, being full and round but not overly large or unshapely. As an object of fantasy, they are ideal. They are made from Sili Doll’s ultra-soft TPE and are completely solid. Though I haven’t tried breasts with air pockets, I’m certain I prefer solid over the alternative. After all, it’s a more durable design and softness is not an issue with Sili Doll’s materials. What’s a few more pounds anyway? Sukiwaai’s breasts are crowned with highly-detailed areolas and perky, perfectly placed nipples that feature very realistic sculpting and texturing. In the hand, her breasts feel fantastic – soft, youthful, indulgent, and vivacious.

The backside of this realistic sex doll is similarly fantastic, featuring subtle curves around the shoulders and spine which look and feel beautiful. While I’m not that much of an “ass-man”, I do appreciate the lovely shaping here. It’s a perfect balance between size and form. While her ass is exaggerated in size relative to her torso, it achieves an idealized fantasy figure. Sukiwaai’s bottom is firm, but feels great when touched and caressed. Better yet, the sensation when you hold her from behind, or spoon her, is astonishingly erotic. Her perfect ass looks very lovely from all angles and in all positions. Seated or lying down, the effect is undeniably sexy.

Realistic sex doll big breasts
Realistic sex doll big breasts

Sukiwaai’s legs and arms are thin for her size, and perhaps could have more muscle detail to match the rest of her robust, athletic, and womanly body. That said, I do find that I am often surprised at their realism when posed. The inner thigh for instance, has excellent contouring, but her wrists and especially her ankles could be more delicately sculpted. Sukiwaai’s hands and feet however, are artistic triumphs. Beginning at the wrists, there is superb skin detail on the hands, which have strong and thick posable finger wires. The wrist joint rotates in its socket freely and holds poses without issue. While a hinged wrist would probably be preferable from a durability standpoint, I feel like these wrists will last until I make a fatal mistake. Her palms are also nicely formed and are convincingly detailed. While her feet lack the textural detail of Suki’s, the sculpt is incredible. She has high arches, cute toes, and a great overall form. I imagine there was temptation to make her feet dainty and small, but I’m very glad they resisted this and instead gave her stout, sizable feet. This adds to the impression that Sukiwaai is a physically capable and athletic person, and the result is super sexy. Sukiwaai realistic sex doll does not include a standing foot option. Though I found this disappointing at first, I think given her size and weight, no amount of engineering could sustain her standing for too long. I’d love to see her stand upright but I think damage would be the inevitable result.

Realistic sex doll sensual
Realistic sex doll sensual

Finally, Sukiwaai’s skin tone is a lovely light tan color. I honestly did not think it could get better than the Japan Light White of my Suki sex doll, but Sukiwaai’s skin tone was the absolute correct choice for this realistic sex doll. Given the subtle Asian character of her face and the athleticism of her body, this skin color is ideal. She looks like a California girl who loves the outdoors and spends her time on the beach, gently kissed by the sun. She needs only a little makeup on her body and face to achieve a healthy and vigorous glow.

Many of the typical early-stage problems with TPE realistic sex dolls did not seem to be a problem here. For one, she had only a faint smell out of the box. After I gave her a rubdown with some Nivea skin cream and used some wrinkle releaser on her wig, she smells very pleasant. In fact, I like being close to her because of her scent. This is unreal given what I’ve heard from other TPE realistic sex doll owners, and have even seen several realistic dolls go up for sale because their owners couldn’t tolerate it. I’m quite grateful that this is not an issue. Also, I have not noticed any leeching whatsoever. Even my Suki realistic sex doll left a small and faint stain on the first sheet she laid upon, but not so with Sukiwaai sex doll. I don’t know what’s different about this TPE blend, but it seems to be a major improvement over that used by some other manufacturers.

Playing with Sukiwaai Realistic Sex Doll 

realistic sex doll lingerie
realistic sex doll lingerie

Like all Sili Dolls, Sukiwaai realistic sex doll is built for sex. She’s great for other activities too, but she is clearly meant to be loved in a very physical way. As such, she has three sensational and distinct orifices. I’ll note here that the placement of the vagina and anus may not be exactly anatomically correct, off by an inch or so maybe. I suspect however, that the placement is intentional as it allows access from positions that would be difficult on a realistic sex doll had they followed nature’s blueprint. It is a clever design decision that demonstrates that Sili Doll is intimately familiar with its customer’s needs.

Sukiwaai’s oral capabilities are among the main reasons I ultimately decided to choose her. I was drawn to her realistic mouth and thought she must be among the finest oral capable realistic sex dolls ever made. I was not disappointed. This orifice produces incredibly detailed and realistic sensations. Her tongue and teeth, while visually appealing, are certainly meant to be felt as well as seen. As you push beyond her mouth’s entrance, you can feel a ribbed texture, not unlike the back of a real woman’s throat. She produces amazing suction as you pull out a little, giving satisfying, ultra-realistic oral sex. Best of all, there is no worry of damage from use here. The TPE is quite accommodating, and with a moderate amount of lube, totally safe for vigorous play. There is some distortion of the face, but a well-designed skull and larger head limits this. Overall, oral sex with Sukiwaai is phenomenal. Short of some form of robotics, I seriously doubt you’ll find a better oral experience in a realistic sex doll.

Realistic sex doll blonde
Realistic sex doll blonde

On the outside, Sukiwaai realistic sex doll’s vagina is similar in style to Suki’s, featuring a nicely detailed labia and clit. On the inside however, it’s quite a bit different in design. Rather than a tight and highly textured orifice, Sili Doll designed her with a wider vaginal canal with a progressively denser pattern of nubs on the interior. It’s not quite as realistic to the finger as Suki’s vagina, but the effect during intercourse is great. In terms of tightness, Sukiwaai’s vagina is quite faithful to the real thing. Other realistic sex dolls can be difficult to enter or remain inside if you’re not completely erect and this is not the case with Sukiwaai realistic sex doll. Instead, her vagina is accommodating with a very stimulating and orgasm-inducing texture. While it would be nice if the anatomical details of the vaginal canal were more accurately reproduced, the dimensions are perfect. It also, as a side note, makes maintenance and cleanup easy. In the end, vaginal Sex with Sukiwaai realistic sex doll is extremely engaging and realistic.

Realistic sex doll babe
Realistic sex doll babe

Anal sex with Sukiwaai realistic sex doll is also fantastic. Here, Sili Doll has opted to use the same interior texture as they used with Suki’s vaginal canal, and the result is a vivid contrast between vaginal and anal intercourse. There are several positions in which both the vagina and anus can be accessed, and switching between them during play is incredible! I’m the kind of guy who likes to mix things up and Sukiwaai realistic sex doll handles that extremely well despite her large size and significant weight. Tightness and intense texturing are the dominant sensations here. If you’re into this kind of play, you will adore this realistic sex doll.

There is certainly something about the total body experience Sukiwaai realistic sex doll provides. The way she feels pressed against your person from head to toe, the look in her eyes, the bounce of her breasts, the taste of her lipgloss, touching her feet with yours, the feeling of her body as it responds to your thrusts, the sensation of her weight on top of you – it’s second only to a human partner that you care deeply about. No joke, I would take Sukiwaai over a one-night-stand with a random girl any day.

Spending Time with Sukiwaai Realistic Sex Doll 

Realistic sex doll booty
Realistic sex doll booty

Beyond the intimate, I’ve found many great ways to just spend time with this realistic sex doll. She’s great fun outside of the bed too! For one, Sukiwaai realistic sex doll is great to shop for, and compared to my scaled-down Suki, very easy to find clothes for. The result is that I now have many, many options for lingerie and clothing. As someone who recently found a passion for doll photography, this is a major victory.

On that note, Sukiwaai realistic sex doll is also a fantastic model. While not as easily posed as a smaller realistic sex doll, due to her size and weight, she just looks awesome. She has excellent joint articulation, especially in her spine which rotates and bends considerably which makes finding and holding interesting poses quite easy. Most of all though, she has presence. Her physicality is unmistakable, alluring, and simply impressive. All this translates extremely well to her photo shoots. She’s an astonishing model in addition to being a realistic sex doll.

Realistic sex doll brunette
Realistic sex doll brunette

Finally, she is amazing to sleep next to. I’ve cuddled at night with my other realistic sex doll once, mostly to say that I did. It was pleasant to be sure, but I couldn’t get over the feeling that I would roll over and break her. This is not so with Sukiwaai realistic sex doll. If positioned properly, there is almost no chance that I could cause damage to her during the night. She’s too damn heavy! On her side with her hands safely out of the way, I could not physically move her or roll on top of her. But that’s not all. She’s also incredibly pleasurable to hold. Her curves are so wonderful to embrace through the night. I’m average height, and she just seems to fit. While she may be cool to the touch at first, when she warms up she retains her body heat extremely well. I now spend nights with her whenever possible.

Who is Sukiwaai Realistic Sex Doll for?

In my opinion, Sukiwaai realistic sex doll is the perfect doll, but she may not be for everyone. If you’re looking primarily for sex object, it’s possible that you may want to look elsewhere. Suki realistic sex doll or maybe Suri realistic sex doll will probably be better for you in terms of convenience and the ability to approach them more casually. Sukiwaai’s size and substantial weight means that you won’t be likely to just have a go and get on with your day. Sukiwaai realistic sex doll offers an incredible sexual experience, but is probably too much trouble for people who don’t want to deal with her size. I’d also not recommend Sukiwaai realistic sex doll for people who don’t trust their strength. While moving her about is far easier for me than I thought, at 90 lbs. I can imagine some people would struggle with this. Finally, she may or may not be a good choice as a first realistic sex doll. I think a new realistic sex doll owner could handle her, but I’d encourage any aspiring owner to read this forum carefully and be committed to the kinds of care and maintenance that she needs to keep her healthy and fit. All dolls need this love, but when your girl is this heavy, you’ve got to be both prepared and devoted.

realistic sex doll Sukiwaai
realistic sex doll Sukiwaai

I would however, recommend Sukiwaai realistic sex doll for anyone who is considering going to a large size realistic sex doll and knows what they are getting into. She is an excellent and extremely high-quality realistic sex doll. She’s got the look, the body, and the functionality you need. She is priced very competitively and is an amazing deal given that she is one of the largest TPE realistic sex dolls available and extremely well made. Sukiwaai realistic sex doll excels as a companion sex doll, as a model, and as a sexual partner. She has an incredible and inspirational presence. Her beautiful eyes have soulful qualities that demand your attention while her silky skin and soft body feel amazing to the touch. She’s everything I wanted in a life-size realistic sex doll and more than I ever thought she could be.

Sukiwaai realistic sex doll isn’t about a being a perfect replica of a woman, though she does come close. Rather, she’s unapologetically a sex doll – a life-size incarnation of an idealized feminine form that straddles the boundaries between fantasy and reality. If you are like me, and love dolls for sex dolls’ sake, you absolutely must consider Sukiwaai realistic sex doll!

Sukiwaai Realistic Sex Doll Review: Concluding Remarks 

TL;DR: Sukiwaai realistic sex doll combines Sili Doll’s great value, excellent production quality, and responsive customer support with fantastical good looks and undeniable sensuality. Sili Doll’s first entry into the life-size realistic sex doll category is an absolute triumph.


Sukiwaai Realistic Sex Doll Review: Complete Photo Album 

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