Bridesmaid Dress – PREMIUM LINGERIE

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Bridesmaid Dress

The idea of marrying your sex doll is surely a bit crazy for the time being but what is not crazy is dressing her best friend with this incredibly hot Bridesmaid Dress, designed to make your sex doll just a notch over sexy for a serious bridal ceremony.

And who cares, it is not about the ceremony but how your favorite sex doll is dressed up!

The Bridesmaid Dress (Dress Wear) is a complete unique piece dress set for your sex doll, crafted carefully to contour in a slim way, with fine materials, the beautiful and young body curves of your favorite sex doll.

Best fits Sukiwaai™ sex doll. Please note that Suki™ is used here as photo model.

Fancy some wedding cosplay for a change and some good fun? Dress up your sex doll in this sexy Bridesmaid Dress and let the ceremony begin in the way you have pictured it in your dreams.

Additional information:

  • Color: White
  • Made from quality imported cotton
  • Stretch friendly design which will fit perfectly your sex doll`s curves
  • Included: Bridesmaid Dress – Unique Piece (1)
  • Please take off any clothing or lingerie from your sex doll whilst not in use to avoid staining
  • Free Express Shipping from Hong Kong
  • Suki™ 110 cm sex doll used for the photos, not included. Buy Suki™: please click here or on the picture hereunder

Bridesmaid Dress 7


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