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Dating a Sex Doll – a Social Experiment

Dating a Sex Doll – a Social Experiment

Dating a sex doll?

Dating a sex doll

Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular amongst men. With their increasingly realistic appearance and perfect body shapes, these glamorous lifelike mannequins continue to seduce more and more.

For some, sex dolls that have started as simple toys or muses have eventually become irreplaceable and trustworthy life companions, girlfriends.

Most dolls have been kept secret from wives, family and friends, but what if they came out of the closet? What would society think about dating a sex doll, living and loving a sex doll? Will it be accepted or not?

Movie Lars and the Real Girl (starring Ryan Gosling) gives the flavor, but how would the society`s reaction be in real life?


British author Lee Alexander is looking for answers and in his social experiment show, volunteers will be dating a sex doll, living and loving their sex dolls and having good times in public spaces such as bars, restaurants and beaches.

The show starts now!

For sure, it will be interesting to see the answers and whether society accepts this new lifestyle. But in the end, does it really matter?

Any thought about dating a sex doll? Share your comments!

Enjoy the show – Follow the Rude Meister`s Show on his Blog!

Pictures are courtesy of Lee Alexander-Keeping it Rude, thanks!

  • Dating, living and loving a sex doll a social experiment 2
    Dating, living and loving a sex doll a social experiment 2

About the sex doll displayed in the show:

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About the author:

Lee Alexander, author, is the creator of the “Rude Show” and the author of the book “Keeping it Rude: the rude meisters guide to life”: a pretty complete book of life lessons, funny story’s sharp views mixed with the truth, wit & wisdom of the rude meisters own whimsical ways.

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