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Doll Sex Video: First Sex Tape of Suki!

Doll Sex Video

Doll Sex Video: First Sex Tape of Suki!

Suki Doll Sex Video – THE VIDEO!

Warning: this doll sex video contains explicit sexual content

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Background of the doll sex video

More than one year after her official launch and after many Sukis sold, reviewed into the details, with increasing popularity on key sex dolls related public forums and blogs (RealDollAddict, Casquetero, Dollforum, etc.), we wanted to show a buyer made sex video of our best-selling sex doll Suki.

Thank you anonymous buyer!

Love Doll Life Like
Love Doll Life Like

Thanks a lot to the anonymous buyer for his help in making this first Suki doll sex video, a doll sex video that is very detailed, with various camera angles showing Suki`s different attractive lines (breasts, torso and booty) and putting Suki into various sexual position (missionary, doggy style and cow girl. Last but not least, the background music makes this doll sex video pleasant to watch. We can only thank this anonymous buyer and wish him to spend plenty of hours with his beautiful Suki sex doll and make many more sex videos with his sex doll!

A great doll sex video made possible thanks to a great sex doll: Suki

Love Doll Suki Realistic Sex Doll
Love Doll Suki Realistic Sex Doll

The sex video not only illustrates the beauty and life likeliness of Suki sex doll, but also stresses Suki sex doll`s extreme softness (Sili Doll sex dolls are claimed by many buyers in their sex dolls reviews for being the softest sex dolls available on the market), together with an emphasis of Suki sex doll`s great flexibility allowing her to take key sexual positions with every time an easy intercourse offering. This great flexibility is made possible thanks to the quality and flexibility of the internal skeleton of Suki sex doll. All these great features of Suki sex doll makes her appear extremely realistic in the video! And the buyer has reflected to us how real the intercourse with the sex doll felt, especially when the doll is warmed up and sufficient personal lubricants are being applied before and during intercourse.

Since Suki sex doll was first launched in 2015, the doll has undergone technical improvements after feedbacks from different buyers and professional reviews. Overall, these continuous improvements has been making Suki sex doll more resistant & flexible, whilst softer and more realistic. Of note, as long as the doll`s skeleton are maneuvered within the allowed angles, the skeleton is very flexible and sustainable. Such skeleton premium feature not only applies to Suki, but also other Sili Doll sex dolls (Suri, Sumi, etc.). Overall, these improvements makes Suki just so good and real looking in the sex tape displayed!

Do you want to make a doll sex video too?

Sex Doll Suri Oral Anal Vaginal Sex
Oral, Vaginal and Anal Sex – Realistic Life Like Feelings!

We are very interested in more buyers sharing anonymous videos of their purchase with us. This doll sex video program not only applies to our best-selling sex doll Suki, but also to the other love dolls (Suri) we offer in our catalogue and also to the larger models of the sex toys (Choco Booty XL) and torso dolls (Sofia) offered at Sili Doll. Whilst we punctually grant discounts to buyers against the written review of their purchase, we do offer greater rebates for buyers willing to post an anonymous doll sex video, given such sex video requires much more efforts and self-investment from the doll buyer. We do not have lots of requirements about the buyers` eligibility to the doll sex video program, only that the sex video has to be of acceptable (high definition preferred) quality and duration (more than one minute being the minimum requirement). Besides, part of the discount is being refunded after the doll sex video is posted. We hope this small paragraph clarifies the doll sex video program we are presently conducting. We are confident you will be amazed by Sili Dolls` unique softness, craftsmanship, level of details and realism and can only thank you for shouting these Sili Doll advantages out in a video. If you are interested, simply email us ( or chatting with us online (chat box being located at the bottom right of our website) so we can start working together on the video.

All about Suki sex doll:

Here is all the information you need about the sex doll featured in the doll sex video, Suki:

Sex Doll Suki Foot Realistic
Ultra Skin Realism & Softness – Premium Korean TPE Sex Doll!
  1. Suki`s official webpage (click here): where you will find all product information about Suki, additional (soft) sex doll video, high definition pictures of the doll, and numerous buyers reviews with pictures
  2. Comparison between Suki and Riley (click here): a buyer who happened to own both Suki and Riley (the popular 100 cm sex doll offered by WM dolls) made a comparison between Suki and Riley with pictures. Quite interesting if you are still hesitating about the 2 famous dolls.
  3. Professional and extensive review of Suki (click here): various customers have claimed that Sili Doll is SOFTER than other love doll brands, so do we believe. DollAfficionado gives his impressions and comments about Suki in this review. DollAfficionado is a veteran member of the, with over 14 years of forum activity and over 9000+ active posts, complemented by a deep expertise regards love dolls and various experience in having tested different and self-owned love dolls from different love doll manufacturers and vendors.

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Love Doll Suki Sexy Back

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