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Introducing Suriwaai™ 145 cm Sex Doll

Introducing Suriwaai Sex Doll Post

Introducing Suriwaai™ 145 cm Sex Doll – First Sili Doll Assembled in the USA

Dear All,

We are pleased to introduce Suriwaai™ 145 cm, the first Sili Doll® partially assembled (note 1) in the USA (California), and the most beautiful, lifelike, and most advanced Sili Doll® to date. Continue reading hereunder the picture.

Suriwaai™ looks just alive and amazingly real. This is made possible thanks to our unique craftsmanship performed on each Suriwaai™ and fine cosmetics and materials used to literally bring each Suriwaai™ to LIFE. In that respect, each Suriwaai™ will be carefully hand assembled (note 1) in the USA (California), by @Adventurer.

In addition to being a true work of art, Suriwaai™ is also the result of continuous research and development since the first Sili Doll, Suki™. Suriwaai™ will amaze you:

Enhanced Korean TPE, in-house formula: visually more realistic with enhanced skin details, sensibly softer and juicier (note 2), more flexible, more durable, less odor, and easier to maintain
Enhanced skeleton: more flexible, smoother and quieter movement, and stronger wrists and neck
Optimal 145 cm height: Suriwaai™ offers incredibly realistic intercourse whilst ensuring ease of moving and storage
Optimal anal and vaginal alignment: for an enhanced user experience (missionary, doggy style, etc.)

More media is forthcoming and Suriwaai’s™ official webpage is under development. This thread will be duly updated.

Suriwaai™ huge & soft breasts, perfectly aligned and realistically internally ribbed anus and vagina will take you straight to heaven ;-0

We feel confident that Suriwaai™ will be the most beautiful doll in her class, so sexy and glamorous. We are working hard on the pictures and videos to show this beauty to everyone. Here under are more photos from the first photo shoot session of Suriwaai™ Angel, please enjoy! We could be shooting her all day long, all day long! More to come soon…

A video showing how Suriwaai™ goddess looks in bed will be uploaded next – stay tuned and enjoy!

Thank you so much for your continuous support!

Any questions or remarks, feel free to let us know.

All the best,

Mig, Adventurer and Sili Doll®

Note 1: for more information, please refer to: First Sili Doll Sex Doll to be partially assembled in the USA
Note 2: Sili Doll® has been claimed to make the softest dolls, based on buyer and doll expert comparisons made with other brands (readings available on the forum). Now, Suriwaai™ is even softer and juicier.

Feedback from the Doll Forum about the new 145 cm sex doll Suriwaai:

“Love that face!”

“She look so very real! This is just too incredible on how these beauties have evolved over time. 145 cm is the perfect range.”

“She is very beautiful, I must admit to a little bit of jealousy!” 

“At 4′ 9″ and under 60 pounds. Yea; I’m jealous, I may have to go on a diet!”

To check the preliminary reactions on the doll forum about Suriwaai, please click here.

Sex Doll Video: 145 cm sex doll Suriwaai

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!


Sex Doll Photo Gallery – Amazing Pictures of the Amazing Suriwaai Sex Doll

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!

For more information about Suriwaai, please click here to see her official page!