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Softness test of Sukiwaai 169 cm Sex Doll

Sukiwaai Sex Doll Softness Test - Post Picture

Softness test of Sukiwaai 169 cm Sex Doll

Sili Dolls are simply softer

Still wondering how soft Sili Dolls ™ are? Wonder no more and checkout these softness test videos demonstrating the superior softness of our premium sex dolls.

Thanks a lot to the buyer for his videos.

A sex doll`s softness is a crucial factor for a sex doll and can make the user`s experience totally different. The softer and juicier the sex doll the richer and more realistic the sexual experience. Ever watched these Japanese adult movies where the porn-star is bathed in erotic massage lube? Try that with our sex doll and you will see how great Sili Dolls ™ feels and what a truly amazing sexual experience it gives you 😉

It is a true technological challenge to make the sex doll`s skin soft and juicy whilst ensuring that the sex doll looks realistic and her shapes gain their original configuration whilst at rest.

At Sili Doll ®, we use our in-house Korean TPE which is ultra soft, ultra durable and comply with the European stringent quality and safety requirements (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Annex II; recasting 2002/95/EC).

The result of our superior quality Korean TPE are obviously demonstrated in the softness test video of Sukiwaai 169 cm hereunder. First of all, admire the perfect shapes (huge round tits and juicy onion booty) of our Sukiwaai 169 cm sex doll. Then, observe how these sexy shapes jiggle when squeezed on and how soft the doll`s breasts and posterior actually are. One important point is that the doll will regain its original curves position whilst back to normal.

Sex Doll Softness Test Video 1: Sex Doll Booty Softness Test

Sex Doll Softness Test Video 2: Sex Doll Breasts Softness Test

Simply softer sex dolls but also ultra durable

By now, you probably are convinced that Sili Dolls ™ sex dolls are really soft and juicy. But how about their durability?

Sili Dolls ™ are also very durable and passed stringent shock tests. To find out more, please read this article: click here.

Although the sex doll used in the softness test video is Sukiwaai ™, please note that all Sili Dolls ™ are made using the same TPE and hence offer similar juiciness. In case you have missed it, here is a comparison between Sili Doll ™ 110 cm Suki Sex Doll and WM Doll`s 100 cm Sex Doll: click here for the review.

Softer, durable sex dolls and so beautiful

The sex doll displayed in these softness test videos is Sukiwaai 169 cm.

You may find out more about this amazing doll by clicking hereunder.

By the way, did you know that Sukiwaai ™ will soon be upgraded with a new Signature Series Sukiwaai ™ exclusively assembled in California? For more information about our Signature Series – ultra premium USA assembled sex dolls, please click here.

Keep in touch and have a great day!

Mig and Sili Doll ™


SUKIWAAI (169 cm) – Extra Realistic Juicy Sex Bomb


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Sex Doll Suri Torso New Buyer Review (September 2017)

Sex Doll Torso Buyer Review

Sex Doll Suri Torso New Buyer Review (September 2017)

Dear all,

We are please to share with you this new buyer review of our Suri Torso Sex Doll.

Please note we have a new Suri Torso Sex Doll which ships from Los Angeles. If interested, please email us.

Enjoy the review and have a nice day!

Regards, Mig and Sili Doll

—Please click here to be redirected to the original review available on

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Introduction

Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll
Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to share a my thoughts on the new Suri Torso doll from Sili Doll. I won’t go into great technical detail in this review, as Dollaficionado is quite thorough in that regard. Instead, I’ll share my own feelings about this amazing and innovative realistic torso sex doll.

Some time ago, Mig asked that I take some promotional photos of Sili Doll’s new torso sex doll. As you may know by now, I’m a huge Sili Doll fan, but I have yet to experience their 135 cm sex dolls. I couldn’t really say no to the chance to meet a Suri sex doll and do a favor for a good friend in the doll community. Nevertheless, I had some serious doubts about what I had agreed to do.

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of torso sex dolls. I have some experience with some hip products (e.g. Meiki full hip) which are great sex toys really, but they just aren’t for me anymore. I never could quite get over the feeling of it being somehow dismembered, incomplete, out of place, and therefore just a tiny bit grotesque. Hips were fine to use with a little porn to ignite my fantasies, but I found them impossible to connect with in the same way I eventually connected with my Suki sex doll and Sukiwaai sex doll, and thus hips weren’t really that satisfying for me. When searching for my first sex doll, I knew I wanted something small, light, easy to conceal, and affordable, but I wrote off torsos entirely because I was worried I could never quite shake the impressions I got from my previous hip toys: that nagging feeling of incompleteness.

When Mig asked that I photograph this torso sex doll, I was quite anxious that I would not like it. Would I be able to find the beauty in a sex doll that lacked arms and legs? Would I be able to connect with it in a meaningful way? As the Suri Torso sex doll made its way to me, I asked myself: without this connection, would I even enjoy taking these photos?

When she arrived after a few days travel time, I unpacked the box with all these hesitancies swirling in my head. When I pulled her out, put on her head, and sat her upright all these anxieties began to disperse. What I found was not some inanimate incomplete part of a thing that lacked the aura of personality necessary for an intimate connection. Instead, I encountered a sex doll infused with tremendous character, style, sex appeal, and a charm uniquely her own.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Introducing Suri-T

Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll Doggy
Sukiwaai Torso Sex Doll Doggy

Suri Torso sex doll is a truncated version of the popular and quite beautiful Suri doll sans arms and legs (at least below the thighs). In addition, she features a new head and face with very cute asian looks. As I first unboxed Suri-T sex doll, I was immediately impressed by the design of the sex doll. She has not only an incredibly sexy body complete with voluptuous curves, perfect breasts, and a cute ass, but also thighs that articulate at the hip. This distinguishes her from most other torso sex dolls, which do not include a skeletal structure below the waist. This great innovation from Sili Doll makes Suri-T sex doll so much more doll-like than other torso sex dolls. She’s posable, she sits up on her own, and bends and twists in compelling ways. This articulation is great for play of course, and it gives her the sense of movement and character that other torsos lack. In short, she had exactly what I needed to feel the kind of personal relationship with her that is so important to my photographic process.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: The New Face of Suri-T

Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Back
Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Back

Sili Doll’s innovations don’t stop at their skeletal structure with this new sex doll. Indeed, the face is redesigned from the skull out. Suri-T’s new head has a much more robust and complete skull than does Suki sex doll or Sukiwaai sex doll, and the result is a very realistic feel beneath the hands. Because the skull fills more of the head, the TPE flesh of the face is thinner. Touching Suri-T’s face feels much more human like because you can only push in so far before feeling the firm structure of the skull. It’s a great design that is sure to impress people who enjoy the delights that a sex doll’s head can offer. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any kind of intercourse with this sex doll but I imagine that there is much less distortion during oral and the internal ribbing of the throat feels fantastic around the fingers. . Honestly, it takes tremendous self-control to not go there, if you know what I mean… Finally, kissing would also feel extremely realistic, very close to the feel of holding a real person’s head in your hands.

Of course what’s inside is only part of the story. Suri-T’s face is extremely cute and sexy. She has very delicate, youthful asian features that give that perfect chinese girl-next-door impression. Her head is very well proportioned and looks great on Sukiwaai sex doll’s body too, so if you’re a Sili Doll owner and want to experience this new head on your Sumi, Suri, or Sukiwaai sex doll, consider adding this head to your collection for a whole new experience. You won’t be disappointed – she’s got looks and substance!

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: About the Sex Doll Body 

As impressed as I am with the new face, I’m even more taken by the body of this sex doll. Overall, Suri-T sex doll has the body of a thin, but not overly skinny young woman. The well-sculpted neck and shoulders lead to perky round breasts, a cute little tummy, and the sexiest full hips and butt I have seen on a sex doll.

Torso Sex Doll Suri Cute Asian Face
Torso Sex Doll Suri Cute Asian Face

In my view, softness is everything for a TPE sex doll, and Sili Doll’s unparalleled reputation for being soft yet durable is carried forward with this new sex doll. The Korean TPE blend does not disappoint. Suri-T’s breasts are so incredibly soft that they are true rivals to mother nature’s best work in this department. They feel like a young woman’s full, perky boobs. They squeeze and bounce so nicely and are the perfect size with enough cleavage to allow any kind of play your imagination desires. They have some nice detail around the nipples and areola, which is are bit small for my exact tastes, but a little makeup easily corrected that to my satisfaction.

Suri-T’s softness also complements her tummy fantastically. As Dollaficionado mentioned, Suri-T is not ultra-skinny. Instead she has a subtle little rise in her tummy that continues down to her pubic mound. I adore this sculpt as it’s a refreshing take on this part of a woman. The extra TPE here makes the entire torso look, and more importantly, feel so realistic. It just validates her large breasts and full hips so incredibly well.

I also can’t say enough about her hips and ass. The curves here are just right, large without feeling overly exaggerated. Suri-T has the cutest booty if you like a youthful and fit look without going overboard and being comically large. Don’t get me wrong, I understand and appreciate sex dolls that exaggerate these areas, but if you want a form that seamlessly blends both realistic and fantasy elements, Suri-T sex doll does just that.

Sili Doll’s superior craftsmanship is also very apparent in this sex doll. This doll has no visible seams whatsoever. Meanwhile, the TPE blend is the perfect compromise between softness and durability.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Half a Leg Up on the Competition

Realistic Sex Doll Torso 10
Realistic Sex Doll Torso 10

The decision to include legs truncated above the knees makes Suri-T an outstanding torso sex doll. It just opens up so many new possibilities that other torso designs simply do not allow. If you like doggy style, missionary, oral sitting upright, posing for photos etc. this torso will do that. In my view, Suri-T’s leg design makes the entire experience of owning and playing with her so much more like that of a full sex doll. At the same time, the lack of feet, arms, and especially hands makes this sex doll perfect for people who are focused primarily on sex. There are all the parts you want for great a great sexual experience but none of the vulnerabilities at a fraction of the size and weight of a full sex doll. I adore my full dolls of course, but any sex doll owner will tell you that rough or incautious play is a terrible idea that is certain to mangle your sex doll’s hands, elbows, ankles and so forth. I’m not saying that Suri-T is invulnerable and caution is advised, but the ability to move her around is greatly improved relative to a full sex doll, making posing and playing a stress free experience.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Deep inside Suri-T Sex Doll 

Knowing that I cannot afford to keep this sex doll, as I have neither the space nor the money to maintain her, I have not allowed myself the pleasure of the full Suri-T sexual experience. That said, I have explored her internal cavities some (with a finger) and I’m quite impressed with the attention to detail in the creation of a realistic experience. The anus has some nice detail externally, but the internal texturing is most intriguing. It has a series of ridges followed by nubs, followed by ridges. I think great attention to creating an accurate simulation when into this cavity design. It feels incredibly lifelike. I can only dream about what it feels like to really penetrate her perky ass. Again, this has been a real test of my self-control!

Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Body
Torso Sex Doll Suri Sexy Body

Like the anus, the vagina has great external detail and a fantastic internal texture. To the hand, it feels a little wider and more accommodating than the anal cavity, but with a complex series of very stimulating nubs and waves. I appreciate having varied levels of tightness between the anal and vaginal cavities as I think that greatly increases realism and immersion by providing meaningfully different sensations. After prodding her a little down there, I do not doubt that Suri-T’s vagina provides more physical stimulation than the real thing. From my previous experiences with Suki and Sukiwaai sex dolls, I can also safely speculate that Suri-T’s special Korean TPE blend will hold up quite well to vigorous use over time as long as plenty of lubricant is used. This torso is built, from the ground up for sex, and yet I’m not allowing myself to go there! Imagine my anguish!!!

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Who will love Suri T?

Torso Sex Doll Suri: Sex Partner
Torso Sex Doll Suri: Sex Partner

In my opinion Suri Torso Sex Doll is a great doll for two different kinds of sex doll owners, those new to the hobby and those more established doll owners looking for a convenient sex doll. If you looking for your first sex doll and not quite ready to commit to the storage requirements, financial investment, and extreme amounts of care and maintenance that a full sex doll requires, check this torso out. If on the other hand, you have sex doll experience and maybe already own a full doll or two, but are looking for a something more suitable for quick sexual activities, this torso is an excellent choice for you as well.

Suri-T stores in a normal-sized inconspicuous looking box which can easily be hidden under a bed or in a closet. Also, lacking hands, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, and other very vulnerable parts, Suri-T is less likely to suffer from the handling mistakes that virtually all new doll owners, or overly excited doll veterans make. She’s much easier than her full-size counterparts to keep clean and well maintained, and light enough to move around without much thought. Nevertheless, she’s still a great sex doll with an expressive face and well detailed and super sexy body.

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: Final Thoughts

Realistic Sex Doll Torso Ass
Realistic Sex Doll Torso Ass

Ultimately, I am in awe of Sili Doll’s Suri Torso. Like Suki and Sukiwaai before her, Suri-T has won me over completely. As I’ve said before, Sili Doll is one of those companies that is constantly striving to create great products that are both best-in-class and affordable. The Suri Torso represents the best of Sili Doll’s creative imagination and may just redefine the entire torso doll genre. From the amazing new head to the innovative hips and legs, Suri-T is the product of superior design and craftsmanship and yet is offered at an excellent price. Sili Doll has even brought back their review discount, so if you do decide to buy your own Suri-T, take some pictures and post your own thoughts on this forum and you’ll get an additional rebate! I look forward to reading your review!

Sex Doll Suri Torso Review: How it Compares with Sukiwaai

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Sex Doll Video: Unboxing

Sex Doll Video: Unboxing

Sex Doll Video: Unboxing by buyer

Warmest thanks to happy buyer KillO7 for this great 8 minutes sex doll video (unboxing), posted on Youtube, and buyer review video of Suki (110 cm) Sex Doll

Thanks also to KillO7 for his written review and opinion of Suki (110 cm) Sex Doll:

Click here for the original post

– Quote –

Sex Doll Video

Hello everyone, here is a short review of my Sili sex doll Suki.

A full video unboxing and full review of the doll is on my youtube page.

So after receiving my doll on the friday, I am really excited to finally have her. After reading the reviews of others who have brought the doll, and watching the Sili dolls youtube video of her again and again. I must say I am really impressed with my Suki doll. Which inturn, I have named Yuki. Being made from Korean TPE, made her feel so good in my arms.

One of the main selling points for me when it came to getting Yuki was her feet, being someone who has a foot fetish, the detail on the soles are really impressive, one of the best I have seen on any sex doll.

The other selling point are her breasts, which are nice and firm, you can have a really good time in groping her, just make sure you use lube on her breasts and you make sure you are gentle with her.

Yuki’s face is really cute, my version of her comes with brown eyes as well as a brown wig, plus her blonde pink wig.

Being 110cm and with a weight of 28.6 pounds, made her easy to pick up and carry. Which is great, if you want to take her to one place to an other.

Overall Suki is a wonderful doll, sweet and really sexy I am really glad that I bought her. If were to ask me if buying Suki was worth it than I have to say yes. You won’t be disappointed.

Finally I want to thank Mig and Cindy for helping me make my decision. Both of them were really helpful in both answering my questions and keeping me updated when the time came for my doll to be shipped to me. Plus I want to thank other dollforum members who brought Suki and wrote their reviews, it helped me a lot, thank you very much.

– Unquote – 

Buy Suki (with Free Express Shipping and Free Lingerie) now with Paypal Express Checkout:






Why Sili Doll?

* Korean TPE made with in-house design
* Free DHL Express Shipping
* Order to Delivery: average 5-7 business days
* USA Duty Paid
* Discreet packaging

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Teen Sex Doll Review – by a PRO!

Teen Sex Doll Review – by a PRO

Teen Sex Doll Review – by a PRO (

We thank professional adult toy review website – – for their detailed teen sex doll review provided on Sili Doll`s Suki (110 cm) sex doll.

In their sex doll review grants Suki a score of 23/25 and highly recommends Suki for doll lovers. Suki has this incredible sexy teen sex doll aura and will drive you crazy

Please see hereunder the review – or alternatively, you may find the original teen sex doll (Suki) review at:

– Quote –

Teen Sex Doll

A few years ago, if you wanted a realistic love doll, silicone was your only option. TPE formulations had been around since the 1950′s but they had not been used in making jointed dolls until just a couple of years ago. Most of these dolls are made in Asia and the first few models were too young looking for the Western market. Now, there are various models perfect for our sensibilities (and legal systems), representing barely legal young women in different sizes.

The most popular sizes are within the 100 – 125 cm (39 to 49 inches) range since they are easy to store and  their weights are below the 50 pounds (22.7 kg) limit. Being honest, I wanted one of these dolls since I saw the first “well proportioned” dolls in the forums, but knowing how delicate TPE can be, I had serious doubts about spending one or two grand in a life-size doll. Fortunately for me, Sili Dolls offers a good deal on their 110 cm doll – the Suki – and I decided to add her to my mega harem of dolls.

She is not THAT innocent….

I already wrote a quick review for The Doll Forum a few days after receiving the 110 cm beauty, but I decided to held the blog review for a few days to “experiment” with her before my “formal” review. You know, for scientific purposes…

Scientific work is sooo hard!

So lets go to the review!

First Impressions

Unboxing Suki felt surreal because she is so realistic! TPE is the material of choice in fake vaginas due to three factors: cost, feel, and realism of details. I had experienced these three factors in hundreds of rubber pussies through the past five years, but experimenting them on a full body doll for the first time was completely new. And I have to say, I enjoyed the experience!


The doll came well packed from Hong Kong (Sili Dolls HQ), with lots of protective foam and slabs (no pellets thanks the Force). Suki arrives naked, with full makeup and fake acrylic nails on her fingers and toes. Included in the box, Sili Dolls include her wig – a blonde and pink long wig – , a bullet vibrator with sound, a cleaner bottle, some lingerie pieces, and a pack of 6 latex condoms. After the unboxing, I cleaned up my new sex slave and got her ready for testing…

Suki ready for her test…

Playing with Suki

For those of you who don’t like to read, I made a video review of the doll. Of course, I wrote about my experience with the doll, so you can continue reading after you watch the video…

Teen Sex Doll Video Review of Suki by

Playing with this doll can be divided in the before and after you “break” the doll. When I say “break”, I’m speaking about the time when you get to know and understand how to play correctly with a doll. Suki took me three days to get used to her, specially the handling during play which can be tricky. First of all, her joints will be stiff when you get her, so you must be very careful of not forcing the limbs in unnatural positions or you risk damaging the doll. (BTW, that apply TO ALL JOINTED dolls…) Also, she had the typical TPE smell which disappeared after two days out of the box. Even at the strongest, it was a faint smell that was noticeable only when you were very close to the doll, but I mention it because I know there are readers who will complain about it…

Smell, what smell?

Suki is a fully functional love doll, having orifices for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Now, the orifices are small, but the material is elastic enough to easily fit average and slightly above average guys – given you use enough lube. Placing two or three drops of lube inside the orifice before inserting your little friend should be enough to avoid any damage to the doll, but personally I prefer very slippery sex, so I went liberal with lube use – and really, really enjoyed each one of the capabilities of this doll.

Each orifice has a different texture – all realistic and kind of addictive. Imagine fucking a meiki sleeve, adding a pair of bouncing breasts and very squeezable ass and you will get an idea of how the Suki feels. The doll is light enough to allow for position changes during play, but you should be careful. Lubed TPE becomes very slippery and getting a hold of 29 pounds of slippery doll can be difficult and could damage the doll if you cannot keep the grip. Just remember to plan your session accordingly.

Besides how well the orifices feel, the rest of the doll adds a lot more to the fantasy. The TPE formulation used in this doll does not only looks realistic and detailed, but it also feels realistic. When you grab Suki’s breasts or ass cheeks, you can swear you are grabbing an athletic woman – that’s how realistic she feels.


If you are looking for a realistic, easy to play solid doll, Suki is a perfect option. With adult proportions scaled down to a 110 cm body, Suki has squeezable breasts and ass that are addictive and three fully functional holes to make your fantasies true. Add a fast shipping process (7-9 days from order to package arrival), excellent price (about $1,200 all inclusive price), and excellent  customer service, and this is a doll you should buy if dolls are your thing.


Realism: 5 / 5.  The proportions are realistic and the textured orifices are incredibly realistic.

Storing: 5 / 5. Easily stored, given you have a place to store her without damaging or staining the TPE.

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain. Powder regularly to avoid stickiness.

Cleaning: 4 / 5. The doll has permanent orifices which can retain humidity if not dried completely. Condoms are highly recommended.

Weight: 5 / 5. Excellent for its size.

Total: 23 / 25

– Unquote – 

Liked this teen sex doll review? Buy teen sex doll Suki now (Blonde with Blue eyes) with Paypal (free express shipping and free lingerie):

Suki Blonde with Green Eyes

Why Sili Doll?

* Korean TPE made with in-house design
* Free DHL Express Shipping
* Order to Delivery: average 5-7 business days
* USA Duty Paid
* Discreet packaging